Why Not Amerokey Women’s Sleeveless Cocktail Dress?

The MEROKEETY Women’s Sleeveless Cocktail Dress is designed for the lady who likes to keep things simple and is looking to make a bold statement. This dress was created by Merck Dressware. The design was inspired by the recent movie, The Jungle Book. The dress comes with mermaid accents on the skirt, bodice, and skirt trim. The skirt is fully lined so that you will feel comfortable and the mermaid accents really give this dress its character.

MEROKEETY Women39s Sleeveless Cocktail Dress

The dress is available in sizes XS, XW, and XB. The length of the dress can be from the knee to your ankle. The dress is available in ivory or black fabric and the construction of the cocktail dress is top notch. There are no ruffles or frills on this dress.

The dress is a flattering fit with lots of beautiful details, including beaded shoulder straps, adjustable straps, & silver sequins on the hem of the dress. The beaded shoulder straps are very pretty & have a beautiful shimmer to them. The adjustable shoulder straps are fully adjustable so that they are easily adaptable as you grow. This dress would make a fantastic evening dress for a friend’s birthday party or even an informal date out with friends.

If you are planning to wear this dress to a formal occasion, the colors are crucial. The dress has the perfect shade of pink. However, if you do not like the shade of pink or do not like any of the colors for any reason, then the dress is also available in many other colors. The dress is available in shades such as pink, peach, lilac, red, & lime green. Whatever color you prefer, this is the dress for you!

This dress can be worn with many different accessories. The top hat is worn with the dress is a mermaid style top that is quite comfortable & looks fabulous. Another great accessory that can be worn with the top is the black & white mermaid skirt that is perfectly coordinated with the top. Some people may not think it’s a dress, but I do and it’s the perfect cover up for my black pants. The bottom part of the dress is a sexy mermaid bottom that makes you look perfect.

I have a body type that is straight with no curves. So when I bought my dress, I knew I would have to make some changes to the way I was living my life & the way I go about dressing. So I spent a few days doing fittings to see what changes would have to be made. I came away with these perfect changes to help me become alluring in a dress!

When I got home I looked at pictures of the dress to see how I would need to alter it to make it fit better. After the fitting I put the dress on & noticed that I could barely tell it was a dress. The style of the dress, the cut of the sleeves, & the way the straps are connected & adjust is very reminiscent of the late Princess Diana. I love the way she carried herself around town, & the way her dress flares out from the floor when she walked.

She was no shrinking violet, and had a fabulous figure & style. She had the beauty of a Hollywood goddess and was all done with looking young and beautiful. So, if you are young, beautiful, & aspiring just like her, why not give her a try? You too can be a princess with a mermaid dress!

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