Where to Find Women’s Golf Clothes Near You

“Why should I buy women’s golf clothes at New York Golf Store?” You might ask yourself. Well, it’s simple. “New York Golf Store” is synonymous with high-quality products and professional customer service. “The New York Golf Store is New York City’s premier golf destination, a prestigious eight-year winner of GolfWorld’s Top 100 ranking, a source for top-notch equipment and apparel. With two convenient Manhattan location, New York Golf Store is a global destination for avid golf players from around the world.”

womens golf clothes near me

If you want to shop at a major outlet with high-end stores, then you should go to either the Times Square or New York Central areas of the city. “This is where GolfFever, Golf Digest, Women’s Weekly and more come together,” says Dan Burke, Executive Vice-President of Sports Merchandising at Avenue Sports. “We invite the best companies in the business to showcase their brands. We also feature the newest entrants as part of our women’s golf clothes and accessories coverage.” So, from sporting goods to apparel to just about anything golf related, you will find it all at these places. Each of these stores is family owned and operated and has been in the sportswear business for over seventy years.

The second place that should be on your list is Windham Sunshine Outlet Mall. This store is located at Windham Place in New York City and is one of the original golf malls in America. “Windham Sunshine is synonymous with providing quality women’s golf clothes and accessories,” says Store Manager Debra B. Smith. “We are constantly adding new lines and new retailers to meet the demands of our customers.” They feature both indoor and outdoor retail shops for people to browse.

There is no question that there are limited choices of women’s golf clothes when shopping at these outlets. However, they have several popular items including women’s golf shirts, women’s golf shoes, women’s golf accessories, golfing apparel such as hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as numerous other products. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, you can ask staff members or try on clothing before purchasing it.

The third place worth checking out would be stores like J.C Penny, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. These places are very popular because many Americans spend their money there. “Macy’s has a wonderful line of merchandise for every season and holiday,” says Store Manager Nancy B. Smith. “J.C. Penny and Bloomingdale’s are great for any style or price range.” Although prices are usually marked up at these stores for obvious reasons, you will save more by checking out their sales, which happen often. “Incentives” like membership discounts, free gifts and additional savings are also common at these stores.

The fourth place worth looking into would be outlets of famous designers. The above-mentioned outlets only carry famous labels for women’s golf clothes. However, some designers, such as Liz Claiborne and Jean Paul Gaultier, also offer their clothing at these stores. If you don’t have a label you want, these designers can still provide great styles of women’s golf clothes. Just be sure to look carefully and ask questions about their styles.

One last place worth checking out is outlet malls. Some malls, such as those in Miami, feature large retailers like Tommy Hilfiger, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. These are generally larger than your average retail stores and should be able to help you find the exact style of women’s golf clothes you’re looking for. But be wary, these stores may carry only name brands, so it’s important to make sure before you purchase.

Now that you know a few great places to shop for women’s golf clothes in the United States, you’re ready to hit the links. Before you do, make sure you check out some online golfing forums and other communities for advice. Everyone has their own unique golfing style and experiences, so read about what your fellow players have done to get their golfing wardrobe together. Whether it’s buying golf clothes from your local mall or an outlet mall, or buying custom golfing attire from designers around the country, golfing forums and online communities are a great place to get ideas and find what you’ve been looking for when it comes to women’s golf clothes.

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