What You Should Know About Eau De Soire Soap

eau de soir soap

If you’re interested in trying an eau de soir scented soap, this article is for you. This high-quality soap bar is designed to perfectly cleanse the skin with a rich, smooth lather. It also leaves the skin soft and lightly perfumed. What more could you ask for? Just take a look at the features that make this soap such a great choice! Here are some of the most important facts you should know about this popular fragrance.

The most notable feature of this perfume soap is the fragrance. It is an intoxicating, sensual fragrance that leaves the skin feeling clean, soft, and lightly perfumed. It is a classic scent that is still as popular as ever, with a long-lasting fresh citrus scent that lasts. Even after a shower, this soap reminisces of evenings past and the feelings of happiness they ignited. Designed by Sisley, Eau du Soir is a feminine fragrance that is perfect for the sophisticated woman.

The scent is a green floral chypre. The base is primarily made up of juniper, oakmoss, and moss, but the blend is very elegant and sophisticated. Its composition reminds me of a gin-like scent, but with less fruity floral notes. The top note, patchouli, gives it a unique fragrance. Its spiciness makes it a great choice for men, too.

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