What to Wear With Eau De Seda

eau de seda

If you want a feminine scent with the perfect lasting power, eau de seda is for you. Using the essence of seda and glass to create this feminine fragrance is a sure-fire way to make a statement. However, before you buy this scent, be sure to know what it does and what not to wear with it. Here are some of the best products you should consider if you want to smell as good as your girlfriends.

NOCHE DE SEDA: This floral perfume is reminiscent of the sacred fragrances of the Quatrocento. The fragrant bergamot from Sicily chases the ardent roots of vetiver. They converge to create a dreamy halo of a princess. White amber, patchouli, and iris greet the freshness of rose on a bed of white amber. Finished with a hint of smoky musk, this fragrance is both a sensual perfume.

The scent is also considered an all-round floral scent. It has a floral fragrance combining rose, seda, and mimosa. It is often used to create a sensual and relaxing experience for the wearer. Once you wear this fragrance, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a fairy-tale garden. There’s no need to worry about the toxicity – a small amount of seda is all it takes to smell good.

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