VIXX – Eau De Vixx Album Review

On April 17, 2018, VIXX released their fourth album Eau de VIXX. This is their first album under Jellyfish Entertainment, and it features the single “Scentist.” This is Hongbin’s final release for the group, as he will depart in August 2020. This is the second album for Hongbin, who will continue to appear on the group’s releases. The album was produced by Jinyoung, a producer who worked on several VIXX albums.

eau de vixx

The concept for Eau De Vixx is one of the most intriguing aspects of the album. This is VIXX’s third full-length album, and it takes on a perfume-like concept. The album contains ten brand-new songs, as well as an instrumental version of the title track. The music video reflects the lyrics and reveals some intriguing themes in the songs. The esoteric lyrics reflect the mood of the songs.

The album’s title was inspired by the concept of a perfume and features 10 brand-new songs. The first single “Scentist” was a hit in the group’s previous album, and the title track features the same chorus. In addition to the title track, the album includes the title track as an instrumental. The ambiance is reminiscent of the dark synths of their debut LP. However, the vocals are more powerful and the songwriting is more coherent than the previous two.

While the overall sound of Eau De Vixx is cohesive and seductive, it lacks some memorable points. Unlike most of VIXX’s previous albums, the album falls short in its second half. Tracks like “My Valentine” and “Circle” lacked a sense of emotional depth, which makes the eponymous title track seem almost over-the-top. And, in general, the band is focusing more on a sensual theme than a more mainstream pop one.

Eau De Vixx is a cohesive album that focuses on the scent of love. The music video features a murderous child and a tense shootout. The lyrics and choreography are sensual and reflect the lyrics of the song. This is the most enticing album VIXX has released to date, so it’s not surprising that fans will enjoy it. In fact, it is the band’s best album to date, and is a strong contender for a Top 10 album on the Billboard charts.

VIXX’s third full-length album, Eau De Vixx, came out on April 17, 2018. The song is titled “Scentist” and features a groovy chorus and tinny percussion. The ep’s lyrics focus on the smell of love and how it affects the mood of the wearer. A scent is an important aspect of any relationship. In addition to the chemistry between a lover, it can also help heal a broken heart.

While Eau De Vixx is VIXX’s third full album, it’s the most consistent and cohesive one yet. It’s seductive, and ethereal, and has a sense of mystery. The title is a metaphor for love and it’s very seductive. With its dark synths and catchy beats, Eau De Vixx is a great listen for a romantic or even a casual listener.

Despite the sexy title of “Scentist”, the song doesn’t have a catchy title. The lyrics of the song reflect the glitzy, seductive nature of the album. The title track is the album’s most accessible track, and is a slow-burning, mellow track with a groovy chorus and tinny percussion. With its groovy chorus and upbeat tempo, Eau De Vixx is one of VIXX’s strongest albums.

The new album from VIXX is a dark synth-pop track that combines sultry lyrics with tinny percussion. The album’s name is a contraction of “Scentist” and “artist”, which means that the band isn’t a scientist. The title track, “Scentist,” is a slow-burning, mellow synth-pop tune that is a fun listen.

The release of EAU DE VIXX was a big milestone for VIXX. The band has released twelve new songs on the album, including the hit single “Scentist” and an instrumental version of “Shangri-La”. It has also marked Hongbin’s comeback on the MBC music program “Show Champion”. The release of EAU DE VIXX is an important step in the group’s career.

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