VIXX – Eau De Vixx Album Review

eau de vixx

VIXX released their third full-length album, Eau de VIXX, on April 17, 2018. Released under Jellyfish Entertainment, the album features the single “Scentist.” The album marks the last release for Hongbin, who will leave VIXX in August 2020. The album is a mixture of R&B and pop.


The second half of Eau De Vixx lacks memorable points, but the album as a whole is a consistent, sensual affair. The album is cohesive and well-constructed, combining sultry instrumentals with deeper vocals. The concept is more general than VIXX’s last two, and that makes it easier to be consistent in terms of style.

The album is split into two parts, containing about half new Japanese songs and half Korean tracks. While the majority of the album consists of new Japanese songs, the standout track is Scentist, which flows better and hits harder than “Reincarnation.” The song wasn’t translated into English, but it’s still a strong track to hear.

The album is VIXX’s third full-length release. It is a mix of R&B, electro, and ballads. It’s the perfect album to play at parties and fashion shows alike.


The Instrumentals on Eau De Vixx by VIXX are instrumental versions of songs on the album. These tracks are arranged with a romantic feel and can be quite sensual. The album features 12 songs, including Scentist and Shangri-La. It is definitely a better album than Scentist, but it does have some issues.

The album is a mashup of electro, R&B, and ballads. The tracks are perfect for parties and fashion shows. The Shangri-La song is one of the tracks included on Eau De VIXX, and the instrumental version can be enjoyed by fans of the band.

Scentist – Instrumental is written in the key of A#m. The best keys to modulate this song are Fm (dominant key), D#m (subdominant key), and C# (relative major). Open keys that are compatible with this song include 7m and 8d.


Eau De Vixx is a cohesive album that incorporates sensual imagery, deep vocals, and sultry instrumentals. While the album is cohesive and combines many elements, there are a few areas where the album falls short, especially in the second half. The concept of the album – perfume or scent – helps VIXX maintain a consistent stylistic voice and approach throughout.

“Resemble” is a ballad that keeps its original elements, without degenerating into a jumbled mess. The production is spare but effective. Another standout track is the album closer, “Navy & Shining Gold.” The chorus is hopeful and the ad-libs are well done, and the song ends with an uplifting note.


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