Victoria’s Secret Perfume Review

eau de sexy victoria secret perfume

This Victoria’s Secret perfume was launched in 2014. The scent has notes of apple, whipped cream, and bergamot. While not particularly sexy, it smells very sweet and is the perfect scent for any season. It is also perfect for younger women and works best with a halter top or a cocktail dress. You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd when wearing it!

This Victoria’s Secret fragrance is a powerful fragrance that has a complex aroma. Its sexy notes are paired with bold fruity notes like juicy clementine and tart wild blackberry, which are complemented by the creaminess of woods and the soft vanilla orchid. The scent carries a feminine feel and can be worn alone or over a bra. It has a surprisingly high price tag, but is worth every penny!

If you want to smell fabulous without spending too much money, the best way to find the right scent is to test it out in a local fragrance store. Victoria’s Secret fragrances are characterized as flirty, energetic, and fun. They should enhance your mood and make you feel great. They are also great for enhancing your confidence and sex life! Just remember that a good scent is one that makes you feel great!

If you’re looking for a more masculine fragrance for a man, Victoria’s Secret Love fragrance is an excellent choice. Inspired by the aroma of a boyfriend’s t-shirt, this scent is both sweet and spicy. The bottle has many edges that give it a bokeh look. The company also has a newer fragrance called Victoria’s Secret Tease, which was launched in 2018. If you’re looking for a feminine scent for a woman, then look no further!

There are dozens of scents to choose from, but the most popular is Bombshell. This fruity floral fragrance has notes of passion fruit and orchid. Victoria’s Secret Love is a subtler option, but is equally enticing. A woman wearing Bombshell will have a woman’s heart melting for days, but the scent is a little too much for a man to resist.

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