Types of Eau De Vie Glasses

eau de vie glasses

There are many different types of eau de vie glasses, but we’ve found that a few of them produce the best results in our tastings. The Lehmann “Eau de vie 15” Glass is an elegant choice, which makes it possible to fully appreciate the alcoholic notes of this classic liqueur. This glass is made of lead-free crystal and does not turn yellow over time. It also retains its characteristic crystal shine.

Some Eau-de-Vie is made from apples, although the apple variety is more commonly used to produce apple brandies like Calvados. Other fruit flavors are strawberry, quince, apricot, and even tropical fruits like mango. These are delicious additions to any cocktail, but don’t expect them to keep you from aging. If you’re drinking them by themselves, it’s probably best to serve them in a small glass.

One of the most common types of eau-de-vie is Calvados, which is made from fermented apple cider. This classic drink has a rich history in Normandy, France. Apple trees are native to this region, so eau-de-vie is usually produced from up to 300 varieties. The drink also comes in different forms all over the world. Tropical varieties of eau-de-vie are incredibly popular in the Caribbean. Other types of eau-de-vie are imported from Europe and the U.S.

If you prefer the classic glassware, try a Schott Zwiesel set, which covers all bases for eau-de-vie and similar spirits. These glasses are perfect for anyone with European heritage. In addition, you can try one of the popular Nick & Nora glasses, named after Myrna Loy and William Powell, respectively. These smaller versions of the classic martini glass are perfect for mixing cocktails or sipping a tasty cocktail.

Lehmann – This renowned French company produces beautiful eau-de-vie glasses. The Viol series includes a long stem and deep open bowl. The bottles are made of delicate crystal and require careful handling. While these pieces are a special luxury item, they are not as important for your home bar as the other options above. If you have a glass collection, this is a good option. So long as you choose an elegant, timeless crystal eau-de-vie glass, you will have no problem showing off your taste.

Armagnac is one of the most prized eaux-de-vie in the world. It has been aged for at least a decade in wood. This long period of maturation allows the eau-de-vie to perfect its unique flavor. Its aroma is reminiscent of pastries. This kind of eau-de-vie is destined for foreign markets, and is prized in many parts of the world.

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