Totally Totally Sexy From Victoria Secret

eau de sexy victoria secret perfume

This eau de sexy perfume is a gourmand and fruity combination of apple, bergamot, and Chantilly cream. It is a tribute to the glamorous and sexy woman. The scent lasts for the entire day and is perfect for all seasons.

Totally eau de sexy

Totally eau de sexy from Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular perfumes on the market. Its evocative scent is a combination of airy warmth and vibrant florals. The result is a scent that’s flirty, youthful and long-lasting.

Totally Eau So Sexy is a very light scent that creates a soft and intimate bubble on the skin. It does not begin to fill your skin until four hours after applying it, but its long lasting effect is impressive for an eau de sexy. It will last for four to five hours on average. While it’s not an all-day fragrance, it’s a decent option for those who aren’t worried about price.

Soft scent

When you’re looking for a soft, sensual scent for the bedroom, try Victoria’s Secret perfume. The line of eau de sexy fragrances is made with a variety of flowers, woods, and fruity notes. Some of these scents are delicate, while others are more assertive and bold.

There are dozens of Victoria Secret fragrances to choose from. Bombshell, one of the most popular scents, is fruity-floral, and contains notes of Brazilian purple passion fruit, Madagascar vanilla orchid, and Italian pine. The scent will last for a long time.

Perfect for all seasons

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Lasts all day

The eau de sexy Victoria Secret fragrance has a strong sexy scent. It’s easy to wear, with notes of bergamot, chantilly cream, and paradise apple. The cologne bottle itself features fishnet details and solid black ribbon.

The Victoria Secret perfume is not overwhelming, yet lasts all day long. It’s also affordable, unlike department store fragrances. A typical VS perfume costs more than body mists, but it lasts longer and smells better than many other perfumes.

Victoria Secret offers several different scents, including body sprays, body mists, and Eau de Toilettes. While body mists are less expensive than eau de toilettes, they may require more frequent application. EDTs, on the other hand, last all day and are ideal for a night-time or mature scent.

Is it expensive?

Victoria’s Secret Eau de Sexy is a fruity floral scent. It is made with bergamot, apple, and chantilly cream. It is a popular fragrance among younger girls. You can get this scent in several forms, including a fragrance mist, lotion, or a rollerball.

If you are interested in buying Victoria’s Secret perfume but are concerned about the price, you can always opt for a body spray. This product is usually cheaper than perfumes from department stores. However, they are more expensive than body mists. However, body sprays do not last as long.

If you want to buy a eau de sexy Victoria Secret fragrance, you will need to spend more than Rs. 32,729 to get a bottle of eau de sexy. However, you will find that this fragrance will last much longer than body mists. The difference in price will depend on the size of the bottle and the formulation. You can choose from a variety of premium products by browsing online and comparing the price with other sellers. You can also share the prices with your friends.

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