Top 5 Men’s Perfumes of 2019

eau de musk

Les Nereides Musc de Samarkand

The fragrance Les Nereides Musc de Samarkan is a blend of white labdanum, musk, and vanilla. Its aroma is reminiscent of the warmth of a cherished car. Les Nereides Musc de Samarkand is not suitable for those who are sensitive to musk or animal fragrances.

It is also known as drevesno-muskusnye or zhenshchin aromat. It is an aromat that is universal in time and space, and is also a dilubogo muskusny aromat.

Serge Lutens Clair de Musc

Clair de Musc is a semi-vegetal musk with a sweet floral underside. It has enough body and soul to be a perfect evening fragrance. It is reminiscent of the scent of crisp, juvenile flesh and is a popular choice among men.

It begins with a mellow citrus accord and is followed by tender floral notes. The fragrance is a blend of musk, iris, bergamot, and neroli petals. It’s a very feminine scent that oozes confidence and is perfect for a special occasion.

This “white musk” composition was released by Lutens in 2003. While not as complex as some of his other musk fragrances, it is a very pleasant fragrance to wear alone or with a layered perfume. It’s one of the easiest Lutensian scents to wear. It contains notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.

L’Atelier des Subtils Eau de Musk

L’Atelier des Subtils Eau De Musk by VT Cosmetics is a woodsy, aromatic scent for men. The fragrance was created in collaboration with Frederic Burtin. The unisex fragrance was released in 2019. If you love the smell of woods, this unisex fragrance is a must try.

The scent was created to evoke a veil that is mysterious and enigmatic. The bottle has a mysterious motif of a member of the band V. The fragrance has bergamot and cassis on top and woody, floral notes in the heart. It is available as a 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

The Atelier des Subtils range is made with natural ingredients, such as musk. The brand collaborates with Frederic Burtin, a perfumer who also collaborated with the boyband BTS. The eldest member of the group, Silver Voice, endorses the fragrance. It starts with a sharp ethanol kick, which is typical of white musk.

Jo Malone White Iris and Musk Intense

The Iris and White Musk Intense eau de toilette by Jo Malone is a floral and woody fragrance. Its opening is rich with white iris and lily, and then gives way to deep musk. It is an exotic scent that will make you feel sensual and purified.

The scent evokes a musk road, with a white musk accord. The white musk accord is reminiscent of face powder and white soap, and its fizzy soapy bubbles are discreet but noticeable. While the scent is clean and fresh, it has been unfairly accused of being a falsely innocent fragrance.

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