The Scent of Quartz Perfume

eau de quartz perfume

The French fragrance industry has created several fragrances that are based on the scent of quartz. Quartz by Molyneux is one of the most popular examples. This perfume is a floral fragrance with notes of peach, hiacynth, rose, melon, orris root, and honeysuckle. It is best for daytime wear. If you love the scent of quartz, you should check out the other fragrances from the same brand.

The fragrance strength is determined by the proportions used to create the solution. Water and alcohol evaporates while the fragrance remains on the skin. Different perfume concentrations have different prices and intensities. However, you can purchase a bottle with high concentrations to create a luxurious scent. It is possible to get different scents at the same price by using the same fragrance. However, you should pay attention to the price and composition of the perfume.

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