The Best Cycling Apparel Brands

best cycling apparel brands

The Best Cycling Apparel Brands

The best cycling apparel brands are all over the place: on the road and off. They come in every size, from junior mountain bike shorts to racing cleats for the professional. When buying cycling apparel, it’s always best to consider what you’ll be using it for. Will you be cycling for leisure, mountain biking or cross country racing? If you’re into one specific sport, it might be easier to get a specific brand. On the other hand, if you like to cycle for all three sports, you might want to shop around.

Cafepelis is a German manufacturer of some of the most comfortable, breathable cycling apparel on the market. They have products for men, women and children. Men’s cycling apparel includes tights, shorts and of course, the famous Maap pockets which are extremely well made and incredibly well designed. Some of their more popular products include their superlight E Bianco roadbike trousers which have been reviewed by many magazines including Roadshow.

Cannondale is another one of the most famous cycling apparel brands. They offer products for both women and men. Their women’s range of jerseys is extremely well designed and light weight, making them extremely comfortable to wear. There are jerseys to suit any occasion, ranging from the classy black jersey that is perfect for races to tracksuits that are ultra comfortable for the summer. There’s something for everyone.

Italian manufacturer Agritura also makes some great products. Their black sheep cycling jerseys are extremely well designed, lightweight and aerodynamic. The bib shorts range is also very good and there are plenty of other products such as tracksuits and bib shorts to suit your individual needs. Their tracksuits are made in the style of Lycra, which is super light but durable, and they’re also incredibly well cushioned so you won’t end up chafing or rubbing yourself down. Most models in this range are waterproof as well.

German manufacturers are always at the forefront of new technologies in the road bike world. One of these is KOMAT, who make some wonderful women’s jerseys, with an emphasis on aerodynamics. They use special materials to improve a bike’s cooling efficiency and they are lightweight as well, so they are great for the outdoors. Their jerseys are made in a variety of colours, with pink being their most popular colour. They also offer a range of layering tops and jackets to accompany the jerseys, such as the ‘winter jacket’ which is perfect for the cold winter days when you want to keep warm but not over-stuff your bike.

Some of the most well known names in women’s cycling apparel are those of Reebok and Nike. Their women’s Nike Pro Jacket range has been reviewed by numerous magazines including Roadshow and Paris Hilton has even worn the jacket on her live stage! The Reebok x Adidas Women’s Prisma range have been extensively reviewed by both mainstream press as well as cycling magazines. These two brands offer an excellent range of clothing that are all very appropriate for various disciplines. They offer bib shorts for women as standard with shorts that can be adjusted to your own personal height and have wide leg pockets for cycling shorts.

These bib shorts are a vital part of a women’s cycling kit. They are used mainly as comfort wear and with their wide fit they are also very comfortable. As bib shorts reduce leg drag, they are ideal when going fast on flat roads and for time laps. When you adjust the fit to your own body, the bike does not stick out too much from your legs making it easy to keep a constant speed. And because they offer a very good amount of coverage, they are also ideal if you have more than one bike and want to wear them for both sports.

There are plenty of other great products from some of the best cycling apparel brands. They include specially designed saddles for your bike, gloves, hats, backpacks, lockets and other accessories. Some of these items may cost more, but the extra expense is often worthwhile in terms of how much you will enjoy using them. You will need to spend time looking around before deciding what is best for you, so take your time in deciding which ones you feel will offer you the most benefit and which you will have to pass up.

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