The Benefits of Botot Mouthwash

eau de bouche botot

Botot mouthwash has many benefits, but it’s not just for freshening breath. It also helps to ensure proper oral hygiene. Botot mouthwash contains a highly concentrated formula with natural essences, ensuring optimal freshness. The concentrate should be used before and after brushing the teeth. The bottle should be kept out of reach of children and should not be given to infants. It’s not recommended to use Botot mouthwash for children under six years.

Botot was so fascinated with the scent of cloves that he created his own unique preparation. This concoction included other ingredients such as cannelle, badiane of China, and clou of girofle. The result was an odour that’s known to be both anesthetic and antiseptic. Botot is still a popular brand of mouthwash and is a classic for its aroma and flavor.

The eau de botot was created in France to address the issue of buccal hygiene. It was created in 1794 by a doctor called Philippe Botot. Its original purpose was to soothe Louis XV’s dental pain. Botot consists of concentrated natural essences that help to maintain perfect buccal hygiene. It contains menthe and cannelle, two herbs known for their antibacterial properties.

The Botot rafraichissant & purifying elixir can be easily rinsed from the mouth with a brush. It also improves oral hygiene by removing haleine and improves dental health. With so many benefits, it’s a natural way to improve your dental health. You won’t have to worry about brushing your teeth or using mouthwashes with harmful chemicals.

The concentree eau de bouche contains three natural essences to provide excellent buccal hygiene. Menthol, cannelle and girofle have antibacterial properties. You can use it daily, either before or after brushing your teeth. A bottle of Botot rafraichissant mouthwash is refillable, so there’s no need to purchase another bottle. If you’re looking for a mouthwash, consider trying it!

Besides being a popular mouthwash, Botot has also become a popular daily dentifrice. Botot dentifrices are made of natural ingredients and offer an anti-plaque function. Hence, if you’re worried about your mouth’s health, Botot is a great choice for you. It’s effective for cleaning the teeth, and has been used by French royalty for centuries.

Eau de Botot was the first oral hygiene product to reach the market. It’s made from natural essences, including cinnamon and cloves. These two herbs help maintain perfect oral hygiene and fresh breath throughout the day. Just be sure to keep it out of the reach of children. You can’t use Botot mouthwash for kids younger than six. In addition, it’s flammable, so it is not suitable for young children.

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