The 10 Best Cycling Apparel Brands

best cycling apparel brands

The 10 Best Cycling Apparel Brands

There are many different kinds of cycling apparel available in the market today. It can be quite confusing which one to go for when you have decided to buy your own kit. While it is true that specialized jerseys and shorts are made only for racing, you will find there’s a wide selection of regular and fashionable clothes as well. You’ll need to think carefully about what kind of clothes would be best suited to your activity, though.

There are three main kinds of cycling clothing brands, those being pro team, performance or not and casual or sports wear. Professional cyclist clothing includes jerseys, road helmets and gloves, as well as other protective gear. Performance apparel is designed to give the best performance possible and it’s often windproof as well. Casual or sports wear our clothing that’s designed for daily use, though many are now also made with extra room for perspiration to evaporate.

The best cycling apparel brands offer a wide range of colors and designs. Most of them, however, have common elements that they all share, like the use of the pro bike brands and performance equipment. Pro bikes are the ones made especially for the Tour de France. These are the colorways that were used by the winner of this race. Tour de France jerseys have the most famous colors and most popular brand names as well.

Performance or recumbent cycling was created in the late seventies and eighties by German businessman Reinhold Voll, who discovered that his team had much more speed and higher efficiency than the others. He started making small changes that improved their performance. Among the best cycling apparel brands, this is one of the few that has a history behind it. It was founded by Voll and his wife, though their company is now owned by another company. However, the Voll name and the Performance model continue to be linked to the sport.

Rapha, on the other hand, started out in the nineteen eighties. The brand made clothing for the Olympic cyclists. Though the brand fell out of the Olympics, it has remained a favorite with the cyclist’s fraternity. Rapha apparel is made from the finest materials available, including nylon for the frame and leather for the pockets and parts of the body. Although the company itself does not sell a lot of product, the name still carries some clout and the company sometimes come out with special events and advertising campaigns.

Shimano, a Swiss company that makes high quality cycling apparel, offers two lines of products. One line is for road biking and one line is for mountain biking. The best cycling apparel brands use the same material and design criteria to create both sets of clothing. However, there are a few differences between the two, such as the construction of the frame and the use of Shimano’s SuperSix bike brake system. Both of these factors make a difference in the feel of the clothing, and a good way to know which is the best is to compare the prices.

Another popular brand is Chamois, which makes chamois and cotton cycling apparel and has a good reputation in the cycling community for quality products. Chamois makes a sport chamois, a moisture wicking and heat generating pad for the skin. A sport chamois pad can be worn during all stages of a cycle race, but for a long distance race it may be better to use a chamois vest instead of a regular cotton pad. A chamois vest has a number of pockets and straps on the back for padding and support, and it is comfortable enough that many riders do not use it during the entire race.

These are just a few of the top cycling apparel brands around. There are many more, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Riders should know what they need before they shop, and then they can shop wisely. There are also plenty of online stores from where cyclists can buy directly from the makers of their choice.

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