Perfume Reviews – Eau De Seda by Daniel Josier

eau de seda

The scent of eau de seda by Daniel Josier opens with notes of galbanum, mandarin, and honey. The scent then evolves into a sweet, fruity fragrance that features gooseberries, jasmine, and musk. The scent is incredibly complex, requiring an application of several drops. The musk base gives this fragrance a long-lasting finish. Regardless of which eau de seda you choose, you’re sure to find a scent that suits you.

envolvente y delicada

This envolvent and delicada eau de seda was created by Gwenael Nicolas, a French perfumer who has worked with a number of international perfume brands. This fragrance was inspired by the image of a woman holding a seda capullo. Upon application, the fragrance will leave you feeling luscious and comfortable.

Inspired by the aroma of fresh laundry, this scent is a blend of floral, citrus, and herbal notes. A blend of Heliotrope and almizcle of Madera creates a fresh, clean scent. The complex blend of floral and herb notes leaves a lingering, enchanted impression on the skin. It is best suited for those who prefer a lighter scent.

Rosa Bulgara

A fresh, floral fragrance for both men and women, Rosa Bulgara’s eau de seda is a perfect blend of rose and magnolia. It’s long-lasting and incredibly romantic, with notes of ameixa italiana and Bulgarian rose. This scent is perfect for a night out or a date with your beloved. To experience its full potential, try Rosa Bulgara’s Eau de Seda, available in 100ml edt.


Diamantes in eau de sedan is a sensual perfume with notes of flor and seda. It is a perfect gift for cumpleanos or any special occasion. Despite its name, it is much more than a perfume. The name itself is a symbol of sensuality. You will love it and will be asked for its details whenever you’re in a crowd.

Perlas Yanbal

Described as a flowery floral fragrance with sensual notes, Yanbal Eau de Seda is available in the market today. Initially released in 2005, this perfume has remained in its market for a long time. This fragrance review explores the fragrance’s ingredients and characteristics. The fragrance is a great choice for women who like to make a statement. The aroma is a sensual blend of flowers, such as rose and mimosa.

The scent of this perfume is floral, feminine, and feminine. It is reminiscent of a sensual moment in a romantic movie. Flor de Osmanthus makes a subtle yet distinctive appearance in the fragrance. Its freshness and delicacy make it an excellent choice for evening wear. It is perfect for women who prefer a sophisticated scent without being too sweet. It also makes a great gift for women who love a feminine scent.

Parfum Daniel Josier

If you’re a scent lover, Parfum Daniel Josier eau de séda is an excellent choice. This scent is floral and fruity, and starts with citrus notes from mandarin and galbanum. A sweet floral, this scent evolves into gooseberry, jasmine, and musky notes with a woody base. In the end, this fragrance is quite complex and remains a standout in Josier’s collection.

Inspired by a dream in which Daniel Josier sat beneath an oak tree, this perfume opens with mandarina notes, and then evolves into floral notes of grosella and jazmin. The fragrance finishes with notes of cedarwood, musk, and holm oak. Seda is one of Daniel Josier’s most popular scents, and is perfect for any woman on a journey through adolescence to maturity.

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