Outremer Vanille Perfume Review

eau de toilette vanille perfume outremer

Outremer Vanille is a soft, powdery vanilla fragrance that is delicately spiced. It is reminiscent of warm cookies and spun sugar. But this eau de toilette isn’t your standard vanilla fragrance. It smells more like a freshly baked sugar cookie. It’s an alluring, elegant scent that you’ll want to wear every day. It is also made in small batches so that the scent isn’t overpowering.


Outremer’s Sweet Eau de Toilette Vanille is an elegant, powdery vanilla blend that is not your typical vanilla scent. Instead, this fragrance reminds you of freshly baked, mouthwatering cookies. This fragrance contains alcohol, anise, and water to create a rich, complex aroma.

The perfume is housed in an elegant Art Deco-inspired glass bottle. The bottle depicts the countryside and cityscapes of France. Outremer is a Paris-based brand that has been creating delicate fragrances for more than 25 years. It costs around $18 for a full-sized bottle.


If you’re looking for a sumptuous fragrance, look no further than Outremer Vanille Eau de Toilette perfume. This Parisian perfume brand has been creating beautiful scents for over 25 years. A full-sized bottle of this perfume is $18 and is available exclusively at Anthropologie.

Never overpowering

If you’re looking for a sweet, fresh, and never-overpowering eau de toilette vanille fragrance, look no further than Le Labo Vanille 44. This fragrance whispers vanilla to your ear, cooing a little and whispering, “Oui.” In fact, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to a real vanilla pod.

Another favorite is Outremer’s Vanille Eau de Toilette, which is made in small batches and can vary slightly in scent. The perfume comes in a classic, elegant, and timeless bottle that features an Art Deco-inspired design. The scent is made in France and imported for sale in the U.S.

Made in small batches

Outremer is a Parisian perfumery that has been crafting its delicate scents for 25 years. Each full-sized bottle costs $18 and is available exclusively at Anthropologie. It is a signature fragrance for women who love the smell of the South.

This scent is a blend of vanilla and spice. It’s reminiscent of freshly baked cookies or spun sugar. This is not your average vanilla scent – this is the kind of scent that will have you reaching for a big cookie. This fragrance is made in small batches, so you can expect small variations in scent.


For over a decade, Outremer/L’Aromarine’s Vanille Eau de Toilette has been a cult favorite for its sweet, gourmand Vanilla Bean scent. The scent is reminiscent of warm cookies and spun sugar. It is also vegan and free of gluten and silicone. This scent will leave a lasting impression on anyone who smells it.

Outremer Vanille is a light, powdery blend of vanilla and spice. It reminds one of warm sugar cookies and the fresh scent of a warm, fresh-baked cake. The vanilla scent is delicate without being overpowering, and the glass bottle evokes both the country and bustling cityscapes of France. The fragrance is made in small batches and may differ slightly from batch to batch.

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