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A woman’s fragrance is an essential part of her personal style and should never be neglected. The eau de Lancome line is no exception. There is one that is especially meant for late July, when most people have grown tired of the heat and want something lighter. The O de Lancome scent is lemon yellow and basil green, and it has a very pleasant sweetness to it.

O de Lancome

O de Lancome is a calming and invigorating fragrance that is both sensual and natural. Its refreshing, spontaneous and natural aroma is reminiscent of exhilaration and lightness. Lancôme offers a range of fragrances that appeal to the most sensual of tastes.

The scent is citrusy, fresh and uplifting. Citrus notes are accentuated by vetiver and jasmine, while earthy moss and dry amber provide a more ethereal base. This cologne can be purchased at any Lancome counter, as well as online at Planet Parfum.

Launched in 1969, O de Lancome is an all-season scent that is appropriate for both men and women. The citrusy fragrances combine with a bouquet of fresh flowers to make this fragrance a refreshing and uplifting scent. Fresh flowers like rosemary and basil make up the heart note, while moss, vetiver, and ambergris are the base notes. The fragrance is perfect for any occasion, from the gym to a board meeting.

O de Lancome is a fresh, invigorating, and cool eau de toilette. Honeysuckle is a natural ingredient in this fragrance. Its small, white flowers smell jasmine-like and open in late winter or early spring. The scent lingers on the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The scent is complemented by the beautiful bottle that mimics the energy of water. The bottle is crystal glass, and the formula is green tinted, which makes the fragrance feel fresh and ethereal.

O de Lancome by Lancome reviews

O de Lancome by Lancome is a sensual, fresh, invigorating fragrance. This cool scent is a reflection of spontaneity and nature, which evokes a sense of lightness and exhilaration. It is a refreshing scent for all seasons.

This unisex fragrance reveals citrus and floral notes with a dry down that is warm and sensual. The bottle design is inspired by the energy of water, with crystal glass and green tinted formula. The fragrance has an easy, spritzable application. It lasts for hours without clogging the skin.

The fragrance’s name is derived from the Lancosme forest in the Indre valley and the La Brenne region in France. This particular forest has been regarded as one of the most olfactory interpretations of the forest. O de Lancome by Lancome is available at eCosmetics in the US.

The citrus-green blend of OdL is classically beautiful and well-executed. Its uplifting and fresh feel is complemented by its drydown made up of sweet amber musk.

O de Lancome by Lancome compared to La vie est belle Soleil Cristal

The La Vie Est Belle fragrance by Lancome is one of the most famous fragrances of the company. Its name derives from the French expression and captures the essence of happiness. It is also a popular brand and has been marketed by actress Julia Roberts. The scent is simple and fresh and has notes of floral and fruit. It is suitable for both daytime and evening wear. Despite its simplicity, this fragrance possesses a mysterious aura.

When comparing O de Lancome by Lancome to La vie est belle Soleil Cristall, you should remember that La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal is more sophisticated and has deeper notes. For instance, O de Lancome is a summer staple, while La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristall has a more sophisticated and complex scent. The coconut scent in the latter gives it warm and creamy notes. But, you can also find patchouli and bourbon in this fragrance as well. Vanilla keeps the woody notes at bay.

Both O de Lancome and La Vie Est Belle are beautiful scents for women. Both fragrances have floral notes and exotic scents. However, if you’re looking for a more feminine scent, O de Lancome will suit you better. It has the same floral notes and fruity notes as La Vie Est Belle, but is more affordable. You can purchase Lancome La Vie Est Belle at leading online stores such as Sephora, eCosmetics, and Walgreens.

O de Lancome by Lancome price

Whether you’re looking for a fresh, sensual scent, or a classic, sophisticated fragrance, Lancôme is sure to have the perfect scent for you. O de Lancome is a cool and fresh fragrance that exudes lightness and exhilaration.

This perfume is a great choice for the late summer months, when the heat can start to get to you. The scent is a light, floral hesperidic chypre that is refreshing and a touch nostalgic. This fragrance is also great for daytime wear.

O de Lancome by Lancome is a fresh and fruity fragrance that was developed by Robert Gonnon. It contains citrus opening notes of bergamot, lemon, petit grain, and tangerine. It is followed by a blend of fresh flowers. The heart notes of the fragrance are composed of rosemary, basil, and moss. In the base, vetiver, ambergris, and moss are included.

O de Lancome by Lancome is a cool, fresh eau de toilette that combines floral and citrus notes. The scent lingers for hours after you’ve applied it, giving you a fresh feeling after every use. The fragrance also features green aromatics for a sensual dry down. O de Lancome is packaged in a distinctive crystal glass bottle.

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