Malle Eau De Magnolia Review

eau de magnolia

If you love the smell of eucalyptus and magnolia, then you will surely be intrigued by Malle’s Eau de Magnolia. The scent is available in various sizes, from a small travel spray to a large 100 ml bottle. To get the right size, you should know the price. The smallest bottle, however, is available for around $120. You can purchase the fragrance in various sizes, such as in a 50-ml bottle and a 100-ml bottle, and some Malle fragrances come in a set of three 10ml sprays, if you prefer.

The fragrance is created by perfumer Carlos Benaim, who sought to capture the essence of magnolia in a bottle. The two based their work on a study conducted by perfumer Braja Mookherjee. The fragrance opens with citrus-green notes that quickly blend into woods and softer notes. When combined, the fragrance reveals a lush, fresh effect that’s reminiscent of the southern summer.

Despite its fruity facets, Eau De Magnolia is a delicate floral scent that will work well for any season. Its sweet and floral scent will have you yearning for springtime. Nevertheless, it is not too light and too fizzy for some. However, it has an all-round wearability, as you can wear it anytime. Just be careful of its slender and lacking contrast.

While some perfumers may consider the magnolia to be a lily, this flower is not a lily, and in fact is less cloying than its lily cousin. Dr Braja Mookherjee created a headspace magnolia fragrance, and Carlos Benaim recreated the scent for Malle’s Jurassic Flower candle. In this candle, he added substances to make it more usable on the human skin. The result is a refreshing citrus-white floral scent with a soft, diffusive texture.

The first hour of Eau de Magnolia is citrusy, while vetivert and patchouli add an earthy note. The magnolia isn’t overwhelming, but instead, it is fresh and lemony, with a faint creaminess at the base. Overall, this is a lovely floral scent, but it isn’t overly floral. Aside from that, it doesn’t smell like magnolia, either.

The fragrance is highly addictive and has a high success rate among women. Many fragrances contain similar notes, but each has their own unique blend of notes, and the Eau De Magnolia is no exception. The fragrance is self-confident and sexy. The sexy, self-assured fragrance confirms that Frederic Malle and his mother maintain high standards in the perfume industry. If you love it, don’t forget to enter the fragrance competition sponsored by Neela Vermeire Creations. You can win a bottle of Eau De Magnolia for yourself!

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