LUXE Brands x Cosmopolitan Fragrances Eau De Juice Body Mist Collection

eau de juice body mist set

The Eau de Juice by Cosmopolitan fragrances are available in a variety of sizes, including Eau de Parfum sprays for $55 each, dual scented rollerballs for $22, and a travel spray set for $40. The scent is a refreshing and floral blend that features Ashley Benson as the brand’s face in its ad campaign. You can find Eau de Juice by Cosmopolitan fragrances at ULTA, or purchase individual scents for yourself.

Cosmopolitan fragrances

The upcoming LUXE Brands x Cosmopolitan fragrances eau de juice collection includes four fun-loving scents. Each fragrance is packaged like a Capri Sun, with a fun label and a fun name. Perfumers at Luxe Brands have worked with some of the most well-known fragrance houses to come up with scents that are both fun and fresh.

The Eau de Juice collection features the signature Pure Sugar fragrance mist, a lighter version of the original eau de parfum. It features notes of pineapple juice, coconut water, and whipped vanilla. The result is a light, sugary scent that will make your skin feel luscious. These are the perfect summer fragrances to wear year-round! If you’d like to add a little sparkle to your skin, try the Cosmopolitan fragrances eau de juice body mist set.

Cosmopolitan eau de juice body mist

A new fragrance from Cosmopolitan is hitting the shelves. The line features four fun, feminine scents, each housed in a jug-like bottle. The brand teamed up with Luxe Brands to produce these fragrances, which will be fronted by actress Ashley Benson. The scents are currently available for purchase at ULTA, starting at $55 for 50 ml.

The fragrance of the Cosmopolitan Eau De Juice Body Mist is infused with a revolutionary innovation. The bottles come in patent-pending, pop-art-inspired packaging. Brooklyn-based designers crafted the packaging, which features juice boxes, straws and a lip print. The bottles are also available in four highly Instagrammable colors: metallic gold, soft-touch blue and millennial pink.

Pure Sugar body mist

The fragrances in the Eau de Juice collection include the Good Energy Duo Gift Set and Eau de Juice Essentials. Both scents are perfect for fighting negative energy. These fruity blends will make you feel like you’re in a refreshing glass of sangria. The fruity aromas of mango and passion fruit will refresh you, and the creamy musks in the Good Energy Eau de Parfum will get you energized.

The Eau de Juice body mist has a light, sweet scent. It provides the same sweetness as the Pure Sugar eau de parfum but is much more refreshing. You’ll get a great amount of it when you spray it on. It stays on your clothing, but the scent fades a bit after a while. The scent is reminiscent of a candy bar, but more subtle.

The body mist set is perfect for everyday use and is also available in a travel spray set. The eau de juice fragrances are available at ULTA and at Cosmopolitan. The ad campaign stars Ashley Benson, who models the fragrance. The Eau de Juice body mist is available in a variety of sizes and scents. To purchase a gift set, head to ULTA or Cosmopolitan.

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