L’Eau De Sezane Perfume Review

eau de sezane

L’Eau de Sezane is a famous perfume that has been on fashion editors’ radars for years. In January, the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing a Sezane PS90 Tulio jumper. The brand has created some classic pieces and has an ever-growing waitlist for its cardigans. They have also branched out into the world of beauty and launched a range of cult products.

L’Eau de Sezane

L’Eau de Sezane is a citrus-based perfume that is perfect for everyday wear. The brand has a line of homewear and everyday essentials that are infused with its signature fragrance. The range has a fresh citrus scent with floral peony and jasmine notes. The products come in sleek packaging and are priced from PS12.

L’Eau de Sezane is a delicate fragrance that was created by Jerome Di Marino, a master perfumer. The fragrance is floral in tone with notes of citrus fruits, orange blossom, jasmine, neroli, musk, and powder. It’s very light and floats in the air.

A classic French fragrance, L’Eau de Sezane comes in a chic bottle and is composed of light citrus notes. If you’re looking for an ambiance fragrance, this perfume isn’t for you. The scent isn’t particularly complex, but it’s pleasant and refreshing.

L’Eau de Sezane eau de toilette

A soft floral scent, L’Eau de Sezane is a French perfume created by Jerome Di Marino. It is a floral scent with citrus and floral notes, such as orange blossom and neroli, with light wood notes. This scent is great for both the home and on the person.

Sezane’s beauty range includes homewear and every-day essentials that are infused with its signature L’Eau Sezane fragrance. The fragrance is a blend of citrus, floral peony, and jasmine notes. The collection comes in sleek, modern packaging, with prices starting from PS12.

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