L’Eau De Kenzo

eau de kenzo

If you are looking for a scent that will make a statement, try L’Eau de Kenzo. This fragrance has been available since 1999 and belongs to the aromatic aquatic fragrance family. It contains energizing top notes such as lotus and green water, accompanied by cool heart notes of white musk and cedar. The woody finish makes this fragrance ideal for both men and women.

L’Eau par Kenzo

Launched by French fashion house Kenzo in 1999, L’Eau Kenzo is a floral and aromatic aquatic fragrance. It features energizing top notes of water mint, lotus and green water, with a finish of white musk and cedar. For those who like a more masculine scent, the fragrance will appeal to men.

L’Eau par Kenzo is one of the most popular fragrances from the Kenzo collection. This floral aquatic scent is light and airy, with a blend of green water, lotus, and water mint. It is a perfect choice for spring, summer, and even autumn.

The bottle cap are very simple and elegant. The fragrance’s name is printed across the seal in blue. The color of the bottle cap reminds many people of a drop of water. The packaging is equally simple and chic. The bottle is clear glass, with a tiny blue ring atop the cap. The box is white with a blue name inscribed across the seal. The bottle’s texture evokes pebbles in a mountain stream, waterfall froth, and the white sand on certain lakes. A poem by Kenzo is also featured on the box.

L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme

L’Eau de Kenzo is a fragrance that was first introduced by the French fashion house Kenzo in 1999. It belongs to the aromatic aquatic fragrance family and features an energizing top note of lotus, green water, and water mint. The fragrance also has notes of white musk and cedar, while its base is woody and warm.

L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme was launched in 1999 by the famous French fashion house Kenzo. The perfume is a refreshing and fusant citrus scent that consists of citrusy, aquatic, and floral elements. The perfume starts off with a fresh citrus note, yuzu, a citrus fruit similar to citron green. This is then followed by a transparent heart, containing notes of lotus leaves – a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in Asian cultures. The base is made of cedar and muscs.

L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme is a classic Asian-inspired fragrance, but it is also available for women. The women’s version features Alejandra Alonso and Clement Chabernaud. The fragrances are inspired by nature and evoke a feeling of freshness and renewal.

L’Eau de Kenzo Amour

Kenzo Amour is a light, romantic fragrance for women. Its sweet and sensual notes are inspired by the journey of love. The scent opens with a hint of frangipani blossom, which is reminiscent of almonds. Its heart is a sensual mix of vanilla and white musk.

The L’Eau de Kenzo Amour is a floral fragrance for women and is the continuation of Kenzo’s famous Kenzo Amour fragrance. The scent contains cyclamen, frangipani, tea, vanilla, white musk, and ylang-ylang. It is a softer version of Kenzo’s original.

The scent is moderate in strength and long-lasting. This makes it ideal for daytime use. This is a great perfume for spring or early summer. It’s also an excellent choice for a daytime picnic. In fact, it’s the perfect scent for any occasion!

L’Eau par Kenzo pour Femme

Launched by French fashion house Kenzo in 1999, L’Eau Kenzo is a refreshing fragrance that belongs to the aromatic aquatic fragrance category. Its top notes include water mint, lotus and green water. Other notes include white musk, cedar, and a woody base.

Inspired by nature, Kenzo L’Eau pour Femme is a sparkling floral that leaves a sensual trail behind. It was developed with aquatic and floral accords to evoke the feeling of sea and air. It is shipped from Portugal and you will receive tracking data upon shipment. In addition, you will receive an invoice for the fragrance. You can return it if you are not satisfied with the scent.

As a floral aquatic fragrance, L’Eau par Kenzo has a mix of top and middle notes, and the base notes include white musk and cedar. The fragrance is reminiscent of the flowing waters of the Mediterranean, which inspire the scent’s name.

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