Lady Gaga’s Eau De GaGa Perfume Review

If you want to smell like a pop star, Lady Gaga’s Eau de GaGa perfume may be your best bet. This 75ml EDP opens with a burst of sparkling lime before evolving into a leather-based trail with a primal quality. Throughout, this feminine scent focuses on the female body. A little goes a long way in making you feel like a pop superstar.

The Eau de Gaga perfume was first revealed via Twitter on August 7, 2014. A short time later, Steven Klein tweeted a promotional photo of the scent. Eau de Gaga was first released in Asia, Europe, and Oceania in September 2014, with Russia and Denmark following shortly after. It eventually made its way to the USA in January 2015.

The scent of Eau de Gaga is complex, combining citrus, floral, and leather notes. Citrus notes like bergamot and lemon have a distinctly tropical quality, while hints of grapefruit and “hermaphrodite white violet” add a fresh touch to the mix. Woody, fresh patchouli and leather balance the pureness of this scent. Leather makes it feel a little less pure than its counterpart, but it also adds a nice bit of texture.

Fame was a hit in the market, but it fell flat in comparison to Eau de Gaga. Lady Gaga was praised for her ‘fame’ fragrance and her use of social media to spread the word about her perfume. In the past, she’s never been so widely recognized and recognizable. Her latest perfume, Eau de Gaga, has a more reserved approach, which has contributed to its acclaim.

A few years after Fame, Lady Gaga has launched an unisex fragrance called Eau de Gaga. Eau de Gaga’s eponymous name is also a clumsy pun. It has a white violet top note, a major wood base, and sufficient floral notes. It lasts six to eight hours and is suitable for everyday wear. This unisex fragrance has no semen note and is marketed toward both men and women.

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