How to Use Eau De Nil in Your Home

eau de nil

The barely-there colour of eau de nil is a classic choice for interiors. The emerald-green shade is suitable for a wide range of interiors, from upholstery to walls. Eau de nil complements a variety of other colours, and will create a calming effect. Here are a few tips on how to use this colour in your home. First of all, it works well with primary blue and red-purple tones.

The ethereal blue-green hue of eau de nil is an enduring, brilliantly versatile color. The ethereal blue-green hue of the scent is reminiscent of the water of the Nile, a river in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians called the water from the Nile eu de nil, meaning ‘water from the Nile’, and it quickly became a favorite of Victorian and Art Deco era travelers.

The history of the eau de nil hue is fascinating. The color was used by Napoleon and is a recurring motif in many decorative pieces. From the Napoleonic era, the scent of eau de nil became popular again and was adopted as a color. Later in the 19th century, it was used to create Art Nouveau, a period of French art that featured a large number of floral and plant images and pale porcelain-faced women. Art Nouveau painters often used eau de nil to set the jewel colours of their portraits, but it also served as a background colour for many other hues. When the century changed, the colour was no longer used to set jewel colours but instead became a classic.

In the spring of 2018, Anthropologie’s new home collection is influenced by the classic jewel palette of Art Deco. Layers of seafoam green, eau de Nil, and cobalt blue are present throughout the collection. In the same way, President Barack Obama wore an eau de nil suit in his official portrait, surrounded by blush pink blossoms. If you’re interested in trying a new eau de nil shade, consider redscale film and uploading it to LomoHome.

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