How to Use eau De Botot Mouthwash

eau de botot mouthwash

If you’re wondering how to use eau de Botot mouthwash, read on for some tips. This product is especially helpful in maintaining proper oral hygiene, as it’s made with natural essences. In addition, the mouthwash is refreshing, so you’ll feel great about your breath after using it. Regardless of the bottle, however, it’s important to keep the product out of the reach of children and adults.

Botot mouthwash contains natural essences such as Clove, which was long used by our ancestors as a dental hygiene aid. The antibacterial properties of cinnamon and clove have also made their way into the formula. Mint is also used to provide freshness. The botot water keeps your breath fresh and minty-fresh forever. Because it is so refreshing, you can use it as needed to maintain perfect oral hygiene.

This French-inspired mouthwash has a long and fascinating history. It was first created by Dr. Julien Botot, a surgeon and pharmacist, for King Louis XV of France. Using a few drops of the mouthwash to a glass of warm water, Botot distilled the elixir to be both warm and calming to the gums. It also promotes circulation.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Botot is its fragrance. It smells like cloves, and could kill a person if swallowed. The bottle is an impractical bottle, and the brand’s name evokes both the essence of a scent and a memorable experience. Despite these problems, this product is a great alternative for people looking for a fresh, clean breath.

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