Hermes Eau De Orange Cologne

eau de orange


Hermes Eau de orange is a cologne that is perfect for men who like a scent that combines tradition with a modern approach. This scent was first introduced in 1979 and draws its inspiration from a variety of sources. Its primary notes are orange and citrus touches. The fragrance is a great choice for men who want to smell sophisticated without overpowering their senses.

Its unique citrus aroma is a fresh, clean scent that is perfect for day or nighttime. It is not very long-lasting so it is best for evening wear. It should not be worn during the day or in hot weather since it will quickly evaporate.

Concentre d’Orange Verte

Hermes’s Eau D’Orange Verte is a classic men’s cologne with a modern twist. Developed in 1979, the fragrance has a traditional base, but offers a fresh and edgy scent. Its primary notes are orange and citrus notes.

The Eau d’Orange Verte is Hermes’ second best-selling cologne. It is a fresh, citrus-based fragrance with dominant notes of orange, basil, and patchouli. The citrus top notes make the scent refreshing and fresh, while woody, herbaceous-green notes add depth and complexity.

L’Eau d’Orange Douce

L’Eau d’Orange Doux is a citrusy perfume with a soft sillage. It’s an ideal choice for daily use on bare skin. This fragrance contains micro-encapsulated antioxidants and a blend of orange-flavor water, abricot milk, and melanine. It prevents premature skin aging and the effects of rougeurs.

It’s also a great anti-pollution solution. Its non-grassy, fluid formula contains bio-active edelweiss, antioxidants, and karite.

Xerjoff Fiero

A powerful blend of citrus and neroli, Xerjoff Fiero is a classic Fougere-style cologne. The citrusy top notes are complimented by herbal and soapy middle notes of neroli and tarragon. A hint of vetiver rounds out the scent.

This citrusy fragrance was developed by Edmond Roudnitska, who also created Dior’s original Eau Sauvage in 1966. Other notable scents in its lineage include Le Galion Whip, Monsieur Balmain, and Le Jardin Retrouve Verveine d’Ete.

L’Eau d’Orange Verte

The Eau D’Orange Verte by Hermes is a classic men’s cologne with a modern touch. The fragrance was launched in 1979, and has several inspirations, including a blend of citrus notes and orange. It has a dry, woody base with a citrus finish, which will appeal to men who want a masculine scent that is not too overpowering.

L’Eau d’Orange Verte is a very subtle perfume that won’t overpower you and last long. It’s part of the “Trio” of French perfumes, along with the Eau d’Issey and Rive Gauche. It’s a fougere fragrance with a touch of orange, and it smells slightly of oranges and jasmine.

Hermes’ original version

Hermes’ eau de orange is a classic citrus scent that was introduced in 1979. It is a light, aromatic fragrance that combines citrus notes with mint, blackcurrant buds, oak moss, and patchouli. This scent is a classic fragrance that is great for spring or summer daytime wear.

This cologne was designed by Francoise Caron, the creator of the original version of eau de orange. She was inspired by the scent of underbrush moistened in the morning dew. This fragrance is distinguished by its distinct freshness. It has been a bestseller since it was first released in 1979 and is one of the company’s most popular fragrances. It’s a fragrance that is easy to wear and blends well with many other fragrances. The main note is orange. It is a unisex perfume that is suitable for both men and women.

Citrus chypre

Citrus chypre is a fragrance with a citrus note. It is considered a classic scent with a timeless appeal. The name chypre comes from the French word for Cyprus, which was the center of the perfume trade during Antiquity. The term first appeared in fragrance manuals in the eighteenth century, and was later adopted by perfumer Francois Coty to classify the scents into a specific family.

Citrus chypre fragrances are often characterized by a layering of olfactory sensations, with the bright shimmering top notes contrasting with the rich, indeterminate warmth of the darker base notes. Many perfume lovers prefer this scent style because of its layered olfactory appeal.

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