Hermes Eau De Merveilles

eau de merveilles

A true classic, Hermes Eau de Merveilles is a delightful blend of mineral freshness, spicy notes, and soft, dewy petals. The enticing elixir has a slightly opulent feel and is not too floral. Inspired by driftwoods and sand lilies, the elixir is not quite what you would expect. Instead, you’ll get a warm, woody, ambergris note.

A salty wood accord permeates Eau des Merveilles, making it feel thick and dense. The scent is derived from an imagined ambergris accord, which evokes salty sea air and earthy barnacles. The elixir lingers on the skin, and gives the wearer a warm, tingly sensation that feels almost like a second skin. Despite its complex aroma, it’s worth remembering that natural ambergris is rare.

Despite being a classic, Eau de Merveilles has a long list of flankers. The scent is considered an Hermes classic due to the design of its flacon, which features a glittered orange glass base. The orange glass was chosen to wink at Gaultier’s world and make the perfume unmistakable on shelves. Eau de Merveilles was introduced in 2004, and is still widely available today.

This fragrant liquid was originally intended to aid in hygiene and purification. Napoleon III granted Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain permission to sell it, and it is now sold throughout the world. The fragrance of eau de Cologne has been used by royalty for centuries. Its popularity continues to grow to this day. So, what is the history behind the elixir? Here are some interesting facts about the perfume:

Traditionally, eau de Cologne is composed of citrus, tonic, and floral top notes. Other ingredients are sometimes added for greater tenacity. But the essence of eau de Cologne is 99% natural. Unlike synthetic versions, natural materials make it a more affordable and enticing perfume. But if you’re looking for a true classic elixir, try an eau de Cologne fragrance!

Besides the classic eau de toilette, Sylvaine Delacourte offers several collections, including Orange Blossom, Musk, Vanilla, and Orange Blossom. The discovery box comes with 5 Eau de Parfum x 2 ml bottles. The box also contains an eau de senteur, which contains a fragrance extract. Compared to eau de toilette, eau de senteur is suitable for use on babies.

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