Good Energy Body Mist Review

eau de juice body mist good energy

The eau de juice brand recently debuted the body mist version of its famous Good Energy eau de parfum, the wildly popular fragrance that launched it. Similar to the eau de parfum, the mist is a light version of the bestselling scent. The fragrance opens with sparkling fruits, orange zest, and juicy passion fruit. It is fresh, flirtatious, and highly addictive. We have a review of the Good Energy Body Mist below.

Good Energy Body Mist is lighter version of the wildly popular Good Energy eau de parfum

Erbaviva Aromatherapy Body Mist is an ideal midday restart product that’s infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils. The energizing fragrance is perfect for earth signs, stressed consumers, and wanderlusters. It’s also great for use as a reminder to breathe deeply. Unlike most eau de parfums, this mist is light enough to be used on the body during the summer.

The fragrance is reminiscent of the winter season, but isn’t overly sweet. It blends rose petal with bergamot oil and pine needle to mimic the scent of fresh rain. The fragrance starts off floral but slowly transforms into a more aquatic scent as the day wears on. It is a luscious scent that lingers on the skin and invokes festive images.

If you like a heavier fragrance, you can also opt for body mists. Body mists last up to four hours and require reapplication every day. If you want to make the scent last longer, you can also use body butter afterward. Its moisturizing properties help to lock in the fragrance. You can even apply this mist directly to your skin after a shower.

It’s a flirtatious, fresh and addictive fragrance

The fragrance combines the luscious scent of fresh-cut fruit with the soft, enticing aroma of the afternoon sun. This flirtatious, fresh fragrance is light, airy, and highly addictive. The fragrance opens with fruity aromas, followed by notes of warm vanilla and marigold, and lingers on the skin as a mossy cedarwood. For those who want to sashay into the spotlight and turn heads, Flirt is perfect for them.

It’s from eau de juice creators

It’s from eau de juice creator’s new body mist, Good Energy, is a fruity floral scent. The fragrance contains sparkling notes of passion fruit, papaya, mango, and sandalwood musk, as well as coconut milk. The bottle is the iconic “juice box” design. The fragrance will debut as an eau de parfum in 2020.

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