Get a Sample of the Sisley Eau De Soiree Perfume

eau de soir sample

If you’re interested in trying the scent, try grabbing a sample of the eau de soirée perfume. This classic fragrance by Sisley was released in 1990. It is an opulent chypre that dials up oakmoss, herbs, and juniper while blending in dusty florals. The keystone ingredient is patchouli, which melds together the other notes into a cohesive monolith.

The night flower seringe releases a fragrant aroma into the air at dusk and attracts night butterflies. Countess Isabelle Potocki created the perfume as a way to remind herself of her childhood in Spain. The word “soir” means evening, and the countess chose this name to make the fragrance personal to her. After a few years of personal use, the perfume was finally released for the general public.

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