Eu De Rochas Perfume Review

eu de rochas

Rochas is a French fashion, beauty, and perfume house that launched in 1925. One of the first designers to introduce two-third-length coats and skirts with pockets, Rochas also helped pioneer the fashion for padded shoulders. The brand was instrumental in bringing this new look into vogue, making it the first designer to use this style.

sour, zesty, herbaceous, spicy

Eu de Rochas is a citrus fragrance. The notes of lemon and basil are prominent, creating an enormously lucid freshness. Lemon and basil work together to temper the sweetness of lemon. Bergamot, tangerine, and lime are also prominent, lending an earthy coolness. The composition also includes aldehydes, which contribute to the perfume’s overall coolness.

The scent has a fresh, brisk, and slightly gourmand scent. The spiciness is moderate, and the florals add a touch of elegance. Eu de Rochas is a great daytime fragrance. It has a classic, yet youthful quality.


Eu de Rochas is a sensual, deep floral scent with a slight gourmand quality. It reminds me of a fragrant Iranian stew with a generous dash of lime. It’s a light scent with a touch of spiciness and floral notes that makes it perfect for daytime wear. It has a sophisticated old school feel and is surprisingly easy to wear.

Eu de Rochas is a popular fragrance that was created by Nicholas Mamounas. It is not always easy to find in department stores but can be purchased online at discount prices. There are 24 reviews for this eau de rochas scent.

old school sense of chic

If you’re looking for a feminine fragrance that has an old-school sense of chic, Eu de Rochas is a good choice. This deep, intimate scent evokes an Iranian stew with lots of lime. It has a hint of gourmandise and moderate spiciness, along with subtle florals. It’s the kind of fragrance that will make you feel elegant and chic in a daytime setting.

Eu de Rochas is a citrusy fragrance with a touch of amber. The citrusy top note has a fresh feel, and the rest of the fragrance is composed of powdery and floral notes. This fragrance is sophisticated yet comfortable and wearable for all seasons.

warm landing

This summery fragrance is a fresh, effervescent citrus that has a lovely, warm landing. Unlike most citrus scents, Eau de Rochas does not veer off course into a bitter, oakmoss-based drydown. It opens with sweet citrus notes and transitions into powdery, earthy middle notes. The drydown is warm and woody, and the base is slightly herbal and floral.

The composition of the fragrance is warm and sensuous, with notes of narcissus and raspberry providing sweetness and spice. Oak moss, sandalwood, musk, and vetiver complete the scent. Perfumer Nicolas Mamounas created the fragrance, which has an alluring, exotic aroma.


The question of Eu de Rochas’ longevity may be a hard one to answer because it depends on a number of different factors. The fragrance itself, the skin chemistry of the user, and the time of year all influence how long it will last. It’s best to use a sample to test it out before buying. Read perfume reviews to find out what others have to say.

The scent combines bergamot, lemon, and basil in an uplifting, citrusy blend. This scent is perfect for warm, spring days, and chilly evenings. It has been around for decades, and continues to be a classic fragrance. This is a great choice for men and women who want a scent that is well-balanced and sultry.

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