Eu De Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beane Review

eu de grey flannel

Eu de Grey Flannel is a cologne that was created by Geoffrey Beene in 1976. This luxurious scent has citrus, violet, woody, cinnamon, and rose notes. The fragrance will appeal to sophisticated men. It’s a wonderful choice for men who want a luxurious scent without the overwhelming scent of citrus. If you’re looking for a masculine scent with woody and floral notes, Grey Flannel may be your ideal choice.

Geoffrey Beene

This luxurious oriental woody fragrance was created in 1976 by Geoffrey Beane. It possesses woody and citrus notes, and is classified as an Oriental fragrance. A man who wears this scent will feel like he is at the center of attention. It is a perfect choice for the office or an evening out with friends. Here is a review of Eu de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beane.

Grey Flannel is a woody cologne for men designed by Geoffrey Beene. The scent possesses top notes of citrus, bergamot, and freesia. It is also a great choice for spring or summer days. Its middle notes are woody, citrus, and floral, and its base is a combination of musk, sandalwood, and delicious Vetiver.

The fragrance is quite rich and complex, but it is easy to find a bottle of it at your local department store or online. The bottle is available in various currencies, including CAD, EUR, USD, and AUD. It has a lasting power of six to ten hours, making it a great option for daytime wear. A note of caution, though: the fragrance is not for everyone.

Geoffrey Beene cologne

Geoffrey Beane launched his Grey Flannel Cologne in 1976. The fragrance is a woody and luxurious oriental scent that contains citrus notes. It is best suited for men and women who want to stand out from the crowd. A fragrance from this brand is sure to be a favorite with all of your friends. Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner party or just need to feel like a million bucks, you’ll love this fragrance.

This woody fragrance is ideal for warm spring and summer days. Its top notes are bergamot, orange, freesia, and mandarin. The middle notes are vetiver, musk, and sandalwood. Men will feel refreshed and ready for a day out on the town. Despite its woody scent, it’s not overpowering.

The fragrance has a saltwater note that lingers in the background. It also contains woods and vetiver. This fragrance is highly unique and has a lot to offer. It lasts for less than three hours. It’s best to buy the full bottle of Eau de Grey Flannel from a perfumery that specializes in cologne.

Geoffrey Beene grey flannel cologne

If you are looking for a masculine fragrance that is suitable for men, you can try Geoffrey Beene’s Eau De Grey Flannel. This fragrance is a woody scent with floral and citrus notes. It is best for spring and summer days. It is a perfect scent for men who want to exude confidence. There are several varieties of the fragrance to choose from.

This scent was created in 1975 by perfumer Geoffrey Beene to evoke the soft and luxurious texture of men’s clothing. Though it is reminiscent of the scents of menswear, it is not derivative or a knockoff. While floral accords have long been common in men’s fragrances, Grey Flannel combines them with woody and moss covered woods.

The opening of Grey Flannel introduces the smell of violet leaves with a hint of lemon. This note is surprisingly feminine, but the woodiness of violet leaves makes it less girly than many other floral scents. The composition is also quite straightforward, with only five ingredients. Its top note is a powdery violet note, while its middle notes are made up of woods and oakmoss. The fragrance’s longevity is impressive and it is reminiscent of simpler scents like Dior Fahrenheit and Eucris. It is reminiscent of the fragrances from the era before men’s gourmand scents and ozonic marines.

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