Eau Des Minimes Cologne

eau de minimes

Eau des Minimes cologne is a citrus aromatic scent created by Le Couvent Maison de Parfum. It was launched in 2010 and continues the monastic tradition of creating natural fragrances. It contains three citruses and seven herbs grown in the monastery’s garden. Available in 250-ml and 500-ml glass flacons, it is a wonderful choice for the spring and summer seasons. It evokes feelings of warmth, optimism, and joy.

The Eau des Minimes scent is often associated with the church. It was designed by the sisters of the Missions in the 17th century. The scent features notes of vanilla, centella asiatica, myrrh, benzoin, camellia, and virginia. It is one of the few perfumes in the Parfumo database that contains burdock. However, some colognes contain other ingredients.

The new generation of eau de Cologne has the same traditional structure but benefits from the addition of synthetic molecules. These molecules increase the diffusion and tenacity of the scent, while adding more base notes. A recent example of an eau de cologne is Oranzo from Sylvaine Delacourte’s Orange Blossom Collection. It has a concentration of between five and ten percent. It is an incredibly light, subtle scent.

Traditionally, the eau de cologne scent was a way to cleanse the body. Its scent is one that inspires purity. This fragrance has been handed down through generations. It refreshes the body, giving it new life and energy. It also makes the process of purification a moment of pleasure. With this fragrance, you can spray a little on your body and be in the ambiance. And as it doesn’t contain alcohol, it’s safe for babies.

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