Eau De Toilette Vanille From Outremer Paris

eau de toilette vanille outremer paris

Eau de toilette Vanille from Outremer Paris is a powdery, spiced vanilla blend reminiscent of warm cookies and spun sugar. This isn’t your average vanilla scent, which might leave you feeling a little too sick. Instead, it will smell like a mouth-watering sugar cookie. Like many perfumes from Outremer Paris, this eau de toilette is made in small batches, making it an exquisite choice.

The perfume was created by the Parisian fragrance house Outremer, which has been creating a unique, delicate scent for over 25 years. The full-sized bottle of the perfume is only $18, and the fragrance can only be found at the famous Anthropologie store. To experience the scent firsthand, try the signature perfume sampler. Afterward, try a spritz on a test patch to see which fragrance suits you best.

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