Eau De Space Perfume by NASA Launches on Kickstarter

eau de space perfume nasa

Eau de Space is a fragrance created by NASA, and was inspired by the smell of outer space. The scent was created by chemist Steve Pearce, who was commissioned by NASA in 2008 to recreate the smell of space. Pearce compiled astronaut descriptions of the smell and created fragrance combinations that closely matched their descriptions. The fragrance is a perfect example of the kind of experiential learning NASA aims to encourage.

In 2008, NASA tapped Omega Ingredients chemist Steve Pearce to re-create the scent, and the fragrance was developed over four years. Pearce’s creation now goes through the crowdfunding process, which he and other Omega Ingredients employees hope will lead to mass production. The crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than $53,000 and has more than 1,400 backers. The next step is to get the fragrance mass produced and marketed.

As the Kickstarter campaign ends, the Eau de Space team plans to donate the proceeds from each bottle sold to a K-12 STEM education program. Each bottle sold is priced at $34, and if you buy several bottles, Eau de Space will donate one bottle to a STEM education program. The Eau de Space perfume campaign is set to run through Aug. 17, 2020. The company is planning to produce a limited quantity of the fragrance, but they will donate one bottle per bottle sold.

The fragrance is based on the scents experienced by astronauts in the vacuum of space. The smell of outer space is unique, and NASA and chemist Steve Pearce have captured these scents in a bottle to sell as a perfume. The fragrance has become a hit among perfume lovers. But the scents of space are not only unique – they’re also useful in everyday life.

The scent of outer space is based on a combination of sweet and smoky notes with a hint of sweetness. The scent was tested by astronauts to simulate the smell of space and has been created with natural ingredients. The formula for the perfume was hidden behind closed doors for years, but it was made public thanks to FOIA requests. The fragrance is now available on Kickstarter and has raised over $516,000 in pre-orders.

The scent was created for NASA by a team of scent specialists. Pearce and his team reproduced the smell of the Mir Space Station, which astronauts had described as smelling like ozone, hot metal, or fried steak. Pearce was able to recreate these scents using his knowledge of the chemistry of fragrance and flavor chemistry. It took them just a few weeks to gather the “right aroma chemicals” for the scents.

NASA’s goal of creating a scent for outer space is to simulate the environment in which astronauts will be working. Simulating space will also help astronauts avoid the surprises of Outer Space. To date, however, the project has raised over $122,000 and has a list of alternate names. As a result, the project is now well on its way to success. When the project is successful, it will launch a full-fledged fragrance.

The eau de space team boasts experience in tech and fashion and worked with award-winning perfumers to create a fragrance for astronauts. The team hopes that the scent will spark curiosity among STEM students and lead to a deeper interest in space exploration. If you are a teacher or a parent, you may want to consider contacting the company and placing an order for some perfumes. They will ship the perfume directly to your school.

The scent of the Eau de Space perfume has a unique and heavenly scent. It is made with a combination of polvora cheiros, bife queimado, framboesas, and rum. If you’re interested in purchasing this perfume, visit the Eau de Space website. It is available on Kickstarter now. You can order a four-ounce bottle starting at $29, and the project is expected to arrive in October 2020. The perfume will be available in limited quantities, so don’t wait too long.

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