Eau De Space Captures the Smell of Outer Space

eau de space

A NASA fragrance called Eau de Space has captured the smell of outer space, and was used by astronauts on their training missions. For years, this scent was kept secret and only used for training purposes. But now, the company behind the cologne has finally made it available to the general public. The fragrance is described as a mix of gunpowder, rum, seared steak, and raspberries. Read on to learn more about the history of this scent, and how you can get it.

The team behind Eau de Space has been working on the scent for over a decade. After receiving a FOIA request, they obtained the formula for the perfume, and are now releasing it to the public. This campaign will benefit STEM education and support local K-12 STEM programs. It is the closest thing to actually being there. But, what makes it so special? Here are some things you should know. This unique scent will help you smell the future.

Despite the name, the scent of Eau de Space is a smoky one, with a hint of sweetness. Many astronauts have described it as a combination of gunpowder, raspberries, and rum. It’s difficult to describe, but astronauts have described it as a combination of gunpowder, seared steak, and raspberries. And it’s hard to explain if you can’t describe it. The fragrance is meant to spark an interest in STEM subjects for young children.

The Eau de Space fragrance has a mission to help K-12 students learn about STEM fields. The company partners with top perfumers, fashion designers, and tech and logistics experts to create the scent. Once the campaign reaches its goal, the fragrance will be produced and available in 4-ounce bottles. It also includes alternate names. And as long as enough money is raised, Eau de Space will be available in stores and online. So, it’s not only a great product, but it also makes a difference in education.

The eau de space fragrance team has experience in tech and fashion, and have partnered with award-winning perfumers. The goal is to develop a scent that can inspire STEM students to pursue careers in space. They’ve even launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this project. The team has so far raised over $634k through the Kickstarter campaign. For those who are looking to support the fragrance, Matt Richmond hopes it will inspire a new generation of students to study the STEM fields.

The Eau de Space fragrance is currently available on Kickstarter and costs $29, so if you’re wondering what the smell of space will be like, now’s the time to check it out. It smells of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum. The product manager also plans to release a scent based on the moon in the future. And, of course, the fragrance will be available to the general public in October 2020.

The scent was formulated by a NASA chemist in 2008. In 2008, Pearce and his team worked for four years to create the fragrance. After receiving approval from NASA, Pearce and his team set up Omega Ingredients, a company that manufactures scents, decided to put it to use and launch the fragrance. The company is now seeking help from crowdfunding sites to produce a commercial version of the fragrance. But first, it must make it into a mass-production run.

As a limited-edition scent, Eau de Space was created as a way to promote STEM education. Every bottle sold on Kickstarter will donate one to a K-12 STEM program. The scent’s success has motivated the company to donate one bottle to an educational program for kids, and they’ve already donated many bottles to schools and STEM programs. A Kickstarter campaign to launch the Eau de Space scent has generated a lot of buzz about the project.

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