Eau De Sophie Review

Eau de Sophie is a feminine fragrance, bursting with charm and fantasy. The blend of fruity and floral notes will make you feel like a princess. The scent is warm and soft, with notes of sweet orange and bergamot. The packaging is elegant, with three different feminine flacons. A snazzy bottle is a great gift for your favorite woman. Read on to discover more about this perfume and find out what makes it so special.

eau de sophie

A love potion is the most popular fragrance from this Parisian designer. Using a spray, this perfume enchants boys and attracts men to her. Adil, a student at the fashion house, wants Sophie to wear the perfume on him. He’s convinced. However, he doesn’t know how to use it. In an effort to impress the wealthy woman, he asks Adil to make him forget about his wife.

After the love potion has worked its magic on Sophie, she sets out to fix Phillip’s life with the perfect woman. But she has a surprise in store for Phillip: an antique chair that Emma had bought on the Internet. She’s going to pick it up from a French antiques dealer. The chair will make Philip feel more attractive. As the love potion works, Sophie’s desire for Phillip grows.

In a novella-style novel, Sophie wishes to make Clive more romantic. She asks Adil to make a love potion for him and sets him on a date with the man of her dreams. Her boyfriend is a shy, reserved guy and she wants him to feel enchanted with her. In a short time, the two are in love. She’s also willing to try anything to make him fall in love with her.

The story begins with Sophie, who is trying to fix Phillip’s life by enticing him with a perfect woman. She tries to do so by enticing Phillip with love potions. But when Phillip discovers that his mother has sold the antique chair on the internet, he decides to buy it back. In addition to the love potion, Sophie makes Adil’s life better by transforming the fish into expert singers.

Sophie’s secret wish is to make Phillip fall in love with the woman of his dreams. The idea is simple. She gets Adil to create a love potion that will make him feel good. But in the meantime, she has a secret agenda for Phillip. She uses the secret to turn him into a romantic hero. While the other party is distracted with the play, Emma wants to get involved and convinces Clive to play the role of the famous woman.

The name is a reference to the television series “You’ve Been Framed”. In the show, a beautiful woman is drawn by an amateur. A famous portrait is drawn by a skilled artist. A portrait of her father is the best way to make someone fall in love. The name is an homage to the ITV series You’ve Been Framed. During the show, Sophie is inspired by her father’s passion for painting.

The scent of love has been popular for years. Sophie has been able to attract boys to her, even before she met her husband. But the enchanting fragrance she wears is a gift that can last a lifetime. It can be a perfect gift for a special woman. Those who have no time to commit can use it to make the perfect gift for their loved one. And if they’ve already lost a loved one, it’s a gift that will surely bring the joy of romance.

The fragrance is a combination of sweet notes and sexy notes. The scent of the perfume is sweet, but it’s also enticing and seductive, which is why it has been chosen as the scent of love. The enchanting smell of love will enchant men and women alike. The enchantment of the fragrance is even more potent when it comes to men. Aside from the scent, a woman wearing a cologne is bound to smell divine!

The fragrance is scented with a sweet scent that will keep you smelling great. Its scent has been said to be “familiar with nature,” so it is a must for Sophie and Emma to live happily ever after. With the enchanting fragrance of eau de sophie, she will never have a dull moment. The fragrance will refresh your senses, sooth your soul and make you feel relaxed and happy.

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