Eau De Sophie Perfume Review

A spritz of Eau de Sophie evokes the sweet scent of a patisserie. Its fruity, floral bouquet combines with hints of citrus and mischief for a delightful perfume. The base notes of white musk, santal, vanilla and ylang-ylang create a fresh yet refined scent. A hint of bergamot adds a happy note to the composition.

Despite the fact that the film is set in the early 1900s, it has a contemporary appeal. The narrator is a young woman with a complex history education. The main character, Sophie, is enchanted by a beautiful man. Her charm is such that she cannot keep the boy she loves from sniffing her. She uses her love scent to attract boys. Her parents’ disapproval is exacerbated by the fact that Sophie’s scent attracts boys.

At school, Emma and Sophie have a new teacher, but Sophie is troubled by Philip’s persistent father, who has followed her to school. Initially, Sophie is uninterested in Adil, but when he enthralls the class with his French Revolution tale, she decides to let him go. The next day, Emma and Adil return home to find a livid Mr. Hull, dressed as a genie. After a brief stalemate with Philip, they decide to take on a new project.

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