Eau De Savage From Christian Dior

The first Eau de Savage fragrance from Christian Dior was introduced in 1966. It was a groundbreaking fragrance that opened the doors for modern perfumers and cologne-making. Every step in the evolution of cologne-making pays homage to the original. Today’s Eau Sauvage remains a classic scent with a zesty citrus note. The bottle contains notes of rosemary and citrus, but also features masculine woodsy nuances.

The name of this men’s perfume has a fascinating story. The founder of Dior’s famous fashion house, Christian Dior, asked his friend Percy Savage to help him come up with a name for the perfume. Savage was reportedly thrilled to help Dior choose a name for the new scent. Savage, in turn, was introduced to the world as “Monsieur Sauvage” by Dior’s butler. The designer decided to give the scent an English-sounding name. Pierre Dinand, the designer of the famous Dior perfumes, subsequently created the bottle.

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