Eau De Quartz Perfume For Women by Molyneux

eau de quartz parfum for women

The eau de quartz perfume for women by Molyneux is a fresh, floral scent that has a slightly woody, fruity, and musk base. It was first released in 1977. The fragrance is best for daytime wear and is categorized as a flowery floral fragrance. If you want to smell fresh, this fragrance is the best choice. But if you prefer a more delicate fragrance, you can try Quartz Molyneux.

It has received glowing reviews from women all over the world. But there are also several negative reviews for this fragrance. It is still relatively inexpensive, and Molyneaux uses the most affordable aromamaterials. It smells like Diorella, a unique combination of 7UP, lime, and honeydew. Molyneaux also adds black pepper. Quartz is a very pleasant scent to wear and can even get you out of bed in the morning.

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