Eau De Portugal Clubman Hair Tonic

If you are prone to dandruff, you should try the new Eau de Portugal Clubman hair tonic. It contains glycerin and stimulates the circulation of the scalp, removing loose dandruff. Its light citrus scent doesn’t overpower the fragrance of your favorite cologne. Moreover, it improves the strength and luster of hair. It has the ability to make even the weakest tresses look thick and lustrous.

Among its benefits, Eau de Portugal Clubman lotion is specially designed for claired hair. It’s easy to coiff, and its agrume fragrance is pleasant to the senses. The lotion is only available in the EU. After applying the product on your hands, massage it into your chevelu. Its special formula also helps to get rid of caspa. Thus, the Eau de Portugal Clubman lotion is perfect for men with finos.

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