Eau De Parfum by Eau De Parfum Italia

eau de italia parfume

The collection of Eau de Parfum by the famous Italian perfume house is a true epitome of luxury and style. Inspired by the quintessentially Italian experiences, the perfumes from Eau d’Italie are both original and contemporary. Eau d’Italie perfumes are made in Italy and crafted in a cool classical style. The name itself is a tribute to the country’s beauty and charm.

A blend of mineral and soily accords makes up the majority of the composition. The accord of soil, a mineral made of clay, is the centerpiece of the perfume. Perfumers also left out the floral component. The result is a fragrance that is unique and distinctly Italian, with its own character. Its scent is warm and comforting. A fragrance like this can soothe you in the most challenging of times.

The fragrance was born after the Second World War, when four brothers reunited in Positano. Their family home is an 18th century palazzo perched almost vertically above the Mediterranean. In 1951, they converted the house into a luxury hotel, named Hotel Le Sirenuse. After the hotel’s initial success, the family began producing its own perfume. The result was Eau d’Italie, which became an instant classic and a brand name for exclusive fragrances. The brand has also launched a line of body care products.

As far as fragrances go, there are a few differences between eau de parfum and eau de toilette. The difference lies in the concentration of the fragrance. The latter contains a high concentration, while a lower concentration is used for eau de toilette. This difference is significant, as it makes it difficult for many users to select the right bottle. It is therefore important to understand the different fragrances and their compositions in order to choose the right one for your needs.

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