Eau De Nil

eau de nil

Eau de Nil is a soft light-green with a cool blue cast and tan undertones. It is a neutral colour and evokes a feeling of calm and peace. However, Flaubert never mentions it by name. The name is merely a nickname that the colour has acquired.

eau de nil is a pastel light-green with cool blue cast with tan undertones

Eau de Nil is a pastel light-green with a cool blue cast that has tan undertones. Its name comes from the River Nile, which is the lifeblood of Egyptian culture. Eau de Nil differs from Nile green, which is a bluish-green that is more saturated.

it is a neutral coloured paint

Eau de Nil is a water-based, soft matt paint in a soft, blue-green hue. It can be used to paint interior walls and ceilings, and looks stunning in many different settings. However, its use should be considered in conjunction with other colours to ensure that it looks its best.

it is a popular colour

Eau de Nil was made popular by Napoleon who had a fascination for Egypt. The colour is used in many pieces from this period and has since evolved into the Art Deco style. This style of painting and design is of French origin and features heavily stylised floral and plant images and porcelain-faced women. It was often used in paintings and sculptures as a background colour or to set off jewel-toned colours. However, as the century progressed, it became a more prominent colour.

it evokes a sense of peace and calm

Eau de Nil is a pale blue-green hue that evokes peace and calm. This colour is traditionally associated with traditional luxury. This colour is used in high-end brands such as Fortnum & Mason and has become a popular choice for paint in recent years. It is a very relaxing and calming colour, and can be used in a variety of ways to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

it is a popular colour by Laura Ashley

Eau de Nil is a soft, green colour with blue undertones, and is an excellent choice for bedrooms. This colour looks particularly good in period homes with large windows and lots of natural light. It is also a good choice for smaller bedrooms. If you are thinking of painting your room this colour, you can find some great online retailers that stock this colour, including Laura Ashley.

it was a favourite colour of Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock had a particular affection for the colour eau de nil, which was one of his favourite shades. In many of his films, the colour was a feature, and in the 1954 film Rear Window, Grace Kelly wore an eau-de-nil suit. The original was designed by Edith Head, who also recreated it for the film The Birds. However, the suit on Hendren was so distressed that only six copies were made.

it is a trend in kitchens

If you’re looking for a new colour for your kitchen, eau de nil is the colour to go for. This light and airy shade of green conjures up images of tranquil evenings spent sailing the seas. It pairs well with creams and chalky blues, and is perfect for a relaxing effect in a bedroom or sitting room. It also complements copper and mustard, creating a classic atmosphere.

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