Eau De Missions Cologne Review

eau de missions cologne

Eau de Missions is a linear cologne with a smoky, spicy, and lemony bouquet. The bouquet is composed of 90% dark vanilla, cedar woodiness, and a hint of spicy smokiness. The bouquet develops as the scent wears on, evolving with time into a smoky, lemon, and spicy smokiness. This cologne also contains a myrrh note, which lends it a unique, complex bouquet.


The Eau de Missions cologne pays tribute to the benevolent journeys of the Franciscan Order. This fragrance goes by several names, and on the Couvent des Minimes website, it is also referred to as Botanical Cologne of the Missions, Eau de Missions Vanilla Fragrance, or Eau de Missions. Fragrantica also refers to it as Cologne of the Missions, a more generic name.

The zest of the bergamot fruit is bitter, but not sour. The essential oil of the fruit lightens to an olive brown when exposed to light. This zest is also used as a food in Europe, and is often blended with pesto or mayonnaise. It is often served with fish to impart a citrusy flavor to a dish. During the early 18th century, the bergamot fruit was the favorite of British diplomats, and it was eventually used in colognes.


The scent of Eau de Missions is very sweet, but it doesn’t feel cloying or gooey. The lemony freshness is balanced with spicy notes, cedar wood, and myrrh. At first, the fragrance is very sweet, but it slowly fades as other notes emerge. The perfume lasts for about four hours. After that, it becomes drier and slightly more woodsy.

The fragrance is distilled with lemon, fragrant basil, zesty salt, and other citrusy notes. It is free of phtalates and parabens, two of the ingredients banned by Proposition 65. However, it is available in stores in some countries and online. Eau de Missions can be purchased from Boots and Budnikowsky & Muller. It is also available at many independent perfume shops.


There are many reasons to buy Orange eau de missions cologne, including its unique scent. Its floral scent is calming and reminiscent of the ocean, and the fragrance is ideal for summer. It is available as a cologne or body oil. Its fragrance is very long-lasting, and it is also available in a travel version. It is recommended for casual wear. Orange eau de missions is a good choice for everyday use, but you might want to wear it for a special occasion.

Orange eau de missions cologne is also available in a travel spray. This cologne comes in a large variety of sizes, including a one-oz sample that is sold on eBay. The most common bottle is 3.4 oz/100 ml, which costs $38. You can also find smaller bottles for a lower price on eBay. If you’re looking to buy a bottle to wear around the house, make sure you read the label. The bottle will tell you whether the perfume is made of alcohol, or if it is vegan.


The neroli in eau de missions combines a floral scent with a woody base. The neroli is a very popular flower in perfumery and is also used in beauty products. The bitter orange tree is native to Italy, but it’s widely grown throughout France and other parts of Europe. It grows up to ten meters tall with glossy leaves and thorns. The small white flowers are hand-harvested in spring. It produces one quart of oil from one ton of blossoms.

For a cheaper version of the cologne, you can purchase a sample online. Many online perfume retailers sell the fragrance for about $7.99, and you can even find a sample set on their website. If you’re looking for an affordable fragrance, try Les Couvent des Minimes Eau de Missions. The body oil is less expensive and smells great, but it won’t last all day. However, the cologne’s scent lingers on for hours.


Eau de Missions opens with boozy vanilla with cedar woodiness and spicy smokiness. The fragrance isn’t overly sweet or creamy, but does have a distinct freshness that isn’t cloying or overly gourmand. The blend is incredibly versatile and changes over time. There are hints of woodiness, citrus, and lemon, and a touch of myrrh.

If you’re looking to buy the cologne without a price tag, you can find it at a few different places. You can purchase the cologne online from the Boots website, which has worldwide shipping. If you’re in Australia or Europe, you can also find this cologne at Budnikowsky and Muller, or at a discount from the manufacturer. Some Boots locations carry the brand, but they also offer some great deals on gift sets.

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