Eau De Minimes by Le Couvent Des Minimes

eau de minimes

Eau de Minimes is a citrus-based fragrance that begins with an opening sweetness. The grapefruit lends a sharp bitterness that balances the sweetness without becoming cloying. The sweetness is well-judged and lasts long enough to be pleasing before the balsamic rosemary character comes through. The best distillers of this fragrance make specialized “rosemary flower” distillations that use only the flowers, without any twigs.

Botanical cologne of the Minimes

Inspired by the ancient consecrated practices of conjuring up miraculous fragrances, Botanical Cologne of the Minimes uses seven aromatic plants, three citrus fruits, and a touch of neroli in its formula. The fragrance nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and lightly perfumed. It is suitable for both men and women.

The scent evokes a peaceful ambiance with its citrus notes and floral accords. It is highly concentrated and is made from natural botanical essences. It is inspired by a walk through an orange garden, and its floral, herbal bouquet combines Orange Blossom with Palmarosa. It is packaged in a sleek and stamped glass flacon.


Burdock is one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs. The plant’s leaves are edible but not very palatable. Its root is also edible but is very woody. It is also used as a perfume. The eau de minimes – Burdock fragrance is one of the few that contains this herb.

The botanical cologne by Le Couvent des Minimes was created centuries ago. The scent has a fresh, fruity, and woody bouquet. Its ingredients are derived from seven carefully selected plants that are both soothing and refreshing. The scent evokes the scent of citrus.

Le Couvent des Minimes

Located in a former convent in the Luberon region of southern France, the Couvent des Minimes is a luxurious place to stay. Its serene setting is surrounded by the Alpes de Haute Provence mountain range and features five-star services. Guests will find the rooms and bathrooms luxurious, with contemporary decor and deluxe amenities.

Le Couvent des Minimes was established by the L’Occitane group in 2004. Its missionary nuns shared a love of aromatic botanicals, and developed formulas that would provide a therapeutic touch. Today, the formulas combine great care with pleasure. The hotel uses ingredients from its own 15-acre aromatic garden.

The fragrances are 100% vegan. The brand’s first offering, Cologne of the Missions (2011), won over fragrance lovers. When the company was purchased by Laboratoria Filorga in 2017, the company revamped its fragrance lines. The fragrance line now consists of two new collections, each named for a particular island. The brand also offers skin care products.

Cologne of Love

Cologne of Love is a feminine fragrance with a floral bouquet that will enchant your partner. It opens with notes of bergamot and grapefruit before settling down to a blend of orange blossom and neroli. The fragrance has good longevity. Cologne of Love is available in three sizes and can be purchased from Couvent des Minimes.

This scent is very feminine and opens with a cloud of citrus and orange blossom, tinged with a hint of honey. It finishes with a crisp cocoon of white musk. The fragrance’s sweetness is reminiscent of that of Shea & Honey, but the honey notes aren’t as strong. Ultimately, Cologne of Love is a feminine scent that is both elegant and clean.


For those of you who like fresh scents and enjoy the smell of citrus fruits, Eau des Matines by Le Couvent des Minimes is the perfect fragrance for you. This unisex fragrance features a blend of fresh citrus notes and herbals. It begins with apple blossoms and citrus notes, then warms with pear blossom, figs, basil and woods. The scent also contains musk and soft musk notes.

The fragrance is reminiscent of the fragrances worn by the Franciscanas Missionarias de Maria, who cared for the cultures in the orvalho matinal. In ancient times, the calor doce signaled the start of a peaceful day in Mane. Today, Eau des Matines has become a popular fragrance for women, especially in warmer climates.

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