Eau De Milky

eau de milky

Eau de milky is a fragrance that combines floral, fruity, and vanilla notes. It is composed of a blend of milk, peach, and peach lactones. Its notes are sweet and creamy, and are often associated with ice cream and milk. The fragrance is also known as a creamy floral.

Lactonic fragrances are a combination of milk lactone/cocolactone and peach lactone

Lactones are a family of organic compounds with a surprisingly wide range of aromas. Named after the Latin word for milk, lactones are commonly described as cream-like, with a rich caramel aspect. Though milk is one of the most popular scent bases, lactones also have an aquatic, peach-like aroma.

The first lactones to catch the attention of perfumers were coumarin and g-undecalactone. These two fragrance molecules were independently synthesized by two groups of scientists. The Russians waited for three years to publish their papers while the French did so a few years later. Despite the fact that both groups had independently synthesized the same molecule, the French were credited with discovering the molecule first.

The olfactory profile of each type differs slightly from the other. R-hexylbutan-4-olide exhibits a fruity character, while S-hexylbutan-4-olde exhibits a more floral, fatty coconut character. Both types are lactonic, though the former has more floral and fruity notes.

Creamy florals

There are a few scents that are known for being creamier than others. Thierry Mugler’s Dis-moi Mirroir combines a white floral heart with peachy lactones for a unique scent. This blend of florals is very feminine and will work well in warmer climates.

Condensed milk

Condensed milk is a popular ingredient in baked goods, coffee and tea, and in desserts. It is created by cooking milk until about 60 percent of the water evaporates, then homogenizing the product. The result is a sweet, thick product that can be stored for months. Some companies even add sugar, which gives the condensed milk a caramel color and flavor.

The sweetness of condensed milk can remind you of rice puddings and clotted cream desserts. It can also be used in gourmand fragrances such as Candy by Prada and Jo Malone. Kenzo Amour is another fragrance that uses condensed milk.

Butyric fragrances

Butyric eau de milky fragrance is the result of a single molecule, or part of a molecule. It smells like parmesan cheese, which is a good thing, but it can also have fruity notes. Those who enjoy gourmand scents will enjoy candy by Prada, Kenzo Amour, or Jo Malone’s Candy.

These fragrances are classified as lactonic because they are sweet and creamy. The molecules responsible for this fragrance’s distinctive scent are lactones, which are found naturally in many foods, including pork, apricots, and figs. They also pair well with fruit, and a blend of peaches and cream is always a hit. Thierry Mugler’s Dis-moi Mirroir, for example, uses lactones in its floral heart and white flower top.

Givenchy’s eau de milky

Eau de Givenchy is a citrusy musky version of Givenchy’s original fragrance, which debuted in 1980. The perfume is inspired by Hubert de Givenchy’s gardens at the mansion Clos Fiorentina in France. The scent’s composition combines the essence of distilled flowers with a touch of salty water. Like a moment frozen in time, Eau de Givenchy is a light, refreshing scent that is perfect for every season.

Eau de Givenchy is a citrusy fragrance that is perfect for summer. The fruity and floral scent opens with bergamot and moves through notes of Mandarin Orange blossom, then moves into a base trail with accents of musk and white musk.

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