Eau De Milky Perfume Review

eau de milky

If you’re a fan of gourmand perfumery, you’ve probably heard of eau de milky. This classic scent has a milky texture and a distinctly feminine scent. Like its name suggests, this perfume quickly dries on the skin and leaves it feeling smooth, scented, and nourished. You might be thinking: “This doesn’t sound very appealing to me.” However, if you’ve never tried it, you should!

Eau de milky is a lactated perfume with a milk base. It will leave you feeling as soft as a soi, but won’t overpower you. Whether you’re wearing it on a special occasion, or wearing it every day, you’ll find that it provides a moment of comfort and care. It also lingers on your skin for hours, leaving you smelling great for a long time.

You can purchase eau de milky perfume online or in a department store. The best-selling fragrance is the Pure Musk. It embellishes your skin while creating an addictive fragrance. It contains effluves of musc tahara. The musc tahara used in this product is also a natural cleansing agent. The scent of this fragrance is not strong enough to vaporize, so a mist of it on the hair would be enough.

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