Eau De Merveilles by Hermes

eau de merveilles hermes

If you want a perfume that smells like Hermes, this is the fragrance for you. This universal perfume is perfect for any situation, as it doesn’t demand attention, but it is elegant and sophisticated. It doesn’t make you stand out, but it leaves you with a glistening aura around you. Ambergris, Patchouli, and Balsam wood are some of the other main ingredients in this scent.


The name is evocative, and it’s true. The scent is inspired by an old shipwreck. This perfume contains notes of ambergris, citrus, and woody spices. It has a hazy quality to it, but this only enhances the sunkissed sensation of the scent. The scent is also rounded off with a touch of hyacinth and tonka bean. This scent is made for those who want a fragrance that will have lasting power.

Its notes evoke the spirit of the sea and wood, as well as the shimmer of a constellation. The perfume carries a sweet-salty combination of the ingredients that makes it both fresh and earthy. The bottle is crafted by designer Serge Mansau, and it can be purchased at the Hermes boutique, Neiman Marcus, or a number of online retailers. The fragrance is available in different sizes and can be repurchased as needed.


Hermes has finally ventured into the aquatic market with Eau de merveilles. The brand was surprised by this new niche market and hasn’t released an aquatic fragrance before. But the brand’s in-house perfumer, Christine Nagel, has created a fragrance that evokes the crispness and freshness of a new day. The result is a fresh, clean, and natural scent that is less intense than the original, but more sophisticated.

The first smell is a citrus blend. This is followed by a spicy, woody note. The scent has some sex-neutral appeal, despite being genderless. The scent lingers long on the skin. The patchouli gives the fragrance a unique, earthy quality, and this lingering scent is great for any occasion. The patchouli notes in the fragrance are the most interesting and distinctive aspect of the scent.

Balsam wood

In the Hermes fragrance, Eau des Merveilles, you can find a woody amber accord with juicy top notes. This scent recalls a shipwreck and a crate of oranges and exotic spices. The fragrance is inspired by the spirit of the wood, the memory of the ocean, and the sparkle constellation. But, before you purchase it, learn about the wood used to create it.

The scent starts with citrus notes, which give way to pepper and a dark woody accord. It reminds me of sea water dried on your skin. The scent is gender-neutral and holds up remarkably well over time. It’s sheer, but it has presence. Balsam wood is the main ingredient, and it lends a warm, rich quality to the fragrance. If you’re new to the brand, consider trying a sample.

Patchouli absolute

One of the best-known Hermes fragrances is Eau de Merveilles, with a spicy scent created with patchouli absolute. The scent is both elegant and casual, and is often worn by celebrities. Its subtle and elegant smell creates an aura around the wearer that evokes the senses and a sense of mystery. It is available in a variety of sizes, from a modest 50ml to a large 200ml.

The sexy masculine aroma of Eau des Merveilles is balanced by a fresh citrus and woody accord. The perfume opens with juniper berry, bergamot, and ambergris. The fragrance contains a touch of patchouli absolute, a woody note that is more masculine than feminine. It is a scent that reflects the luxury and class that Hermes is known for.

Ambergris absolute

Among all the bestselling perfumes, Hermes Eau de Merveilles is a unique blend of ambergris absolute, bergamot, and saffron. A master perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena has crafted a scent that avoids clichés. Its scent is less like a head shop perfume than it is like a warm hug. It is both seductive and earthy, but it won’t offend.

The base notes are rich and marine, with hints of citrus and pepper. Ambergris absolute is used to create a scent that evokes sea water dried on skin. It is a gender-neutral fragrance that is exceptionally long-lasting. The scent is sheer, but it retains its presence even after several hours. It’s the kind of scent that you want to wear every day.

Ambre des Merveilles

Launched in 2004, Ambre des Merveilles by Hermes is a warm and feminine scent with a combination of vetiver, oak, cedar and citrus notes. It is an excellent choice for women who want a scent that reflects a sense of tradition and femininity. The scent is especially suited for women who are fond of the sea and spend a lot of time in the water.

The fragrance is a warm, feminine scent with notes of citrus, vetiver, oak, cedar and vanilla. It is very versatile and will last all day. The fragrance is available in both 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. It is a wonderful gift for a woman who is looking for a unique scent that will make her stand out in the crowd. However, this fragrance will not be suited for those who are sensitive to citrus or amber.

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