Eau De Merveilles Bleu by Hermes

eau de merveilles bleue

Eau de Merveilles by Hermes was first released in 2004. It’s a warm, feminine scent with top notes of vetiver, oak, and cedar. The base notes of lemon, orange, and pink pepper complete the fragrance. It’s an aromatic, warm fragrance that has a soft, velvety finish.


Hermes has created a perfume that is both warm and feminine. This perfume contains a blend of vetiver, oak, cedar, and citrus. This scent is made for the woman who likes to wear scents that are warm and feminine. Whether you prefer to wear citrusy scents or light woodsy scents, you will love the scent of Eau de Merveilles by Hermes.

This perfume is limited-edition, and available in 100ml Eau de Toilette. It can be purchased exclusively at Harrods. This review has been sponsored by Hermes. I received samples and notes from the brand for this review. I have not personally used the perfume. However, I am aware that it is very expensive.

The fragrance was launched in 2016 by Hermes. It has an aquatic and aromatic scent. It contains a combination of sea notes, patchouli, and fresh woody accords. This perfume is a good choice for women who love the aquatic smells. Originally, Hermes was a manufacturer of equestrian goods.

The scent of the ocean can be a powerful, yet subtle scent. In this scent, patchouli is used as a dark undertone. The laundry musks in the base create a feeling of expansiveness and cool air drifting over the water. Patchouli also draws the wearer closer to the shimmering ocean’s minerals.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue

Eau des Merveilles Bleu by Hermes is a warm feminine scent with a mix of oak, cedar, citrus, and vetiver. This fragrance is perfect for women who want to exude a sense of femininity. This scent is a favorite among many women because it makes them feel beautiful and confident.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleau is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. It is available exclusively at Harrods. I received samples and quotes to review, but all opinions are my own. I hope these descriptions help you decide if Eau des Merveilles Bleu is a good fragrance for you.

The fragrance opens with a woody amber accord that resonates through the top notes. As it develops, the scent shifts to a slightly salty aquatic base. A hint of pepper rounds out the scent, while the sea notes bring in a fresh, juicy note that is perfect for summer.

Unlike many other designer fragrances, Eau des Merveilles Bleu is made from high quality ingredients. The base notes are made from laundry musks, which create a fresh, expansive feeling. Patchouli, on the other hand, adds a darker undertone. This scent is said to give the impression of cool air drifting over water, bringing you closer to the shimmering blue of the ocean.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles is a feminine, warm fragrance. It features a blend of vetiver, cedar, oak, and citrus. This scent is recommended for use in the warmer months. You can wear this fragrance on its own or layer it on top of other fragrances for a more sophisticated fragrance.

Unlike most aquatic scents, Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue is made from synthetic components. However, Hermes is a fragrance house and the brand has invested time in its transparency. As a result, Eau des Merveilles Bleue is a cut above the average aquatic.

Eau des Merveilles Bleue is the latest variation of the famous fragrance. It is the latest offering by Christine Nagel, Hermes’ in-house perfumer. The fragrance encapsulates the freshness and crispness of a new day, and its translucency.

The scent is available in 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette. It is available exclusively at Harrods. The company provides samples of both. The perfume review is a personal opinion. It is not a paid advertisement. I received sample bottles for review purposes.

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