Eau De Magnolia by Malle

A classic Southern scent with citrus notes, eau de magnolia is an ideal choice for a man’s scent. This scent is also great for women. Jean Claude Ellena, a perfumer with over 30 years of experience, created the scent in 2003. This warm, powdery floral fragrance is a wonderful scent for men and women alike.


If you love citrus fragrances, you’ll love this citrus-fresh eau de magnolia. This floral scent will evoke the scent of flowering shrubs, but is versatile enough to wear throughout the year. You’ll appreciate its citrus-fresh opening, as well as its creamy citrus-and-white-flower accord.

Available in a variety of sizes, Citrus-fresh Eau de Magnolia by Malle is available in a 50 ml bottle for $175, a 100 ml bottle for $225, and a travel spray for $10. In addition, this fragrance is available from Malle’s U.S. website and European website.


The scent of a fresh, chypre-esque eau de magnolia is the perfect summer scent. A transparent natural note blends with a sultry woody base for a feminine, sensual scent. The chypre-esque base combines magnolia, vetiver, patchouli and amber to create a fragrance that is at once feminine and seductive.

The magnolia flower has an aromatic composition rich in chemical compounds that give it a citrus, green, and lemony rose nuance. The flower contains high concentrations of geraniol, which makes it an excellent fragrance. The aroma of eau de magnolia begins with a lemony-green accord, then fades into a creamy floral idea. The scent is reminiscent of a Cristalle Chanel EDP and a Chypre.

Unlike many magnolia scents, Eau de magnolia is a chypre and starts as a cologne. It is not an overpowering chypre, but it does have the depth of a cologne without the harshness.


Malle’s Eau de Magnolia is a fresh and clean citrus scent. The mellow scent is made with a hint of oakmoss. The lemon is sweet but the oakmoss provides a dry and cool finish. The overall effect is slightly austere and cool, without being too powdery or plush. A faint creaminess is present in the base. The fragrance is thin and is not overpowering, but it’s a pleasant scent that lasts for a long time.

The Eau de Magnolia is reminiscent of an fading southern beauty. The scent can be hard to replicate, though. If you choose the wrong scent, it can be loud and artificial. This version is soft, with melancholic undertones. It’s the perfect fragrance for those who want to experience a little Southern melancholy.

Southern beauty

Eau de Magnolia is a heavenly, fresh-smelling floral. It’s a classic scent that’s both elegant and fresh. The big Southern Magnolia flower is the star of this fragrance, but it’s not the typical heavy floral scent you’d expect. It’s more like a fresh, lemony nectar with a hint of velvet. It’s a wonderful choice for everyday wear.

The heavenly scent of magnolia is so soft and gentle that it’s almost impossible to recreate it with a scent. Magnolia can be quite difficult to reproduce and can sometimes be quite artificial. But Eau de Magnolia is the perfect compromise between the two. It’s soft and sweet, with a touch of melancholy.

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