Eau De Lune by Sisley

eau de lune

Eau de Lune is a feminine fragrance with notes of Mandarin Orange, white floral bouquet, and warm wood. It unfolds over time, culminating in an ethereal, immediate impression. The fragrance evokes a feeling of serenity, romance, and sensuality.

eau de cologne

For the first time, Sisley has announced a limited edition holiday edition of their acclaimed “Soir de Lune” fragrance. Re-imagined with a fresh new bottle, the fragrance will be available to purchase in November. Each holiday season, Sisley surprises its fans with a new limited edition of its signature fragrance. Previously, they had only released a holiday edition of their “Eau du Soir” fragrance. However, this year, Sisley has bucked tradition and launched a holiday-themed version of the original “Soir de Lune.”

eau de parfum

The modern classic Eau de Parfum offers a romantic floral scent with a blend of white flower petals, mandarin and a touch of violet and ylang-ylang. It is a perfect choice for a romantic evening out. This fragrance also makes a great gift for the special woman in your life.

A romantic floral scent, this modern classic offers a touch of opulence. The fragrance contains a blend of white flower petals, iris and mandarin with subtle hints of violet and ylang-ylang. The enchanting scent will make you feel enchanting and romantic.

Sisley launched Soir de Lune eau de parfum in 2006 and it is now available in a 50 mL bottle. It is a modern fragrance that reveals a perfect alchemy of femininity and sensuality. The floral notes are tempered with a forceful character and a sense of elegance.

eau de toilette

Modern classic Eau de Parfum offers a delicate floral fragrance with a touch of romance. This signature blend includes white flower petals, mandarin, and subtle hints of violet and ylang-ylang. Its signature blend evokes feelings of romance and love. If you are looking for a perfume for your loved one, this floral scent will make a lovely choice.

This calming fragrance was originally a medicine for Empress Eugenie, who frequently suffered from migraines. Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain created it using a high concentration of petit-grain, a type of orange blossom essential oil. Empress Eugenie approved its use and gave Guerlain permission to market it. Napoleon III later honoured Guerlain as Official Supplier of the Imperial Court and added 69 bees to its bottle.

Fleur de lune

Fleur de Lune in eau de lune is a celestial floral scent. Its blend of luminous “white out” rose, gardenia, and ylang-ylang opens with citrus notes before revealing a musky base of Ambrette Seed and Musk. The scent is a celebration of pure romance.

Fleur de Lune was originally recorded by Christine Delaroche in 1967. Its remake by Les Pommes de Lune has a rockier foundation, featuring soaring trumpets, tympanis, and swinging strings and a stinging fuzz guitar. The song was later covered by Evariste and included in the Wizzz! French Psychorama compilation series. This track is one of many classics of French popsike music.

eau de cologne by Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain

Pierre-Francois-Pascall Guerlain opened his first shop in 1828 on the rue de Rivoli. At the time, people liked flowery scents. A few years later, he moved his business to the rue de la Paix. He was a successful businessman. In 1842, he was appointed the official provider of perfume to the European court. His clients included the Queen of England, Queen Victoria, the Hungarian queen and the Russian Emperor.

Originally a small perfume company, Guerlain’s products were a favorite among the royal family. The fragrances of Napoleon III and Queen Victoria were created by Guerlain. His sons, Aime and Jacques, learned the art of fragrance making from their father and passed it on to their sons, Gabriel and Jean-Paul. In 1994, they sold the company to the multinational LMVH.

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