Eau De Luna – A Crowdfunded Fragrance

When a woman first saw the bottle of Eau de Luna, she was horrified. The scent, which is a combination of amber and vetiver, reminded her of moonlight, and a few minutes later, she was unconscious and on the floor. Then, she rushed to a local supermarket and discovered that over a hundred bottles had spilled all over the floor. The store owner called in the police and declared a state of emergency, but the public did not take the perfume as seriously as she did.

This crowdfunded fragrance has a very evocative smell. It reminds people of the smells astronauts experience while floating in space. Even astronauts describe the odor of space after spacewalks. This scent is very similar to the smell of lunar dust, and is even based on the same smell as the Mir Space Station. The scent is very fresh, and you’ll definitely get a good reaction when wearing it.

The scent has a dual purpose: it evokes the atmosphere of outer space. Scientists created a fragrance that would simulate the atmosphere astronauts would experience while training in space. Initially, these fragrances were locked away in NASA vaults, but now they’re available to the public. Its makers hope the scent will inspire people to pursue space travel. For each bottle sold, NASA donates one to a STEM-education program in a K-12 school.

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